Life cycle assessment

Life cycle assessment research helps address some of the biggest challenges related to carbon emissions reductions and leads to increased resource efficiency and sustainability.

Illustration of a factory with a circular arrow behind it.

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a methodology that allows businesses to understand the environmental and economic impact of the entire life cycle of their products and services, taking into account factors related to the whole business operations.

The University of Sheffield has world-leading expertise in LCA.  We are proud that The University of Sheffield has world-leading expertise in this field and continues to conduct LCA research. A team of researchers led by Professor Lenny Koh are researching LCA to assess the environmental impacts that applications have in multiple sectors including transport, energy, foundation industries and more. This research will serve as a foundation for developing models and forecasts for sustainable future solutions, helping businesses achieve the shared vision of Net Zero.

The team’s methodology capabilities include:

  • GIS based spatial LCASpatial Life Cycle Modelling
  • Process LCA
  • Hybrid LCA integrating process and input-output LCA
  • Prospective LCA
  • Comparative LCA
  • Predictive LCA
  • Integrated LCA
  • Multi-scale LCA
  • and more.

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