Supply Chain Innovation

Supply Chain Innovation is crucial in addressing some of the world’s biggest challenges such as resource scarcity, efficiency, and sustainability. Through cutting-edge research and innovation, we bring transformation and a positive impact on supply chains globally.

In recent years, supply chains have suffered many disruptions caused by geo-political conflicts, the global pandemic, the changing environment, and the depletion of natural resources due to human-induced climate change. Supply chains are in urgent need of reform to sustain their operations and to respond to such challenges.

Research is essential in helping industries and other sectors adapt to new scenarios and build resilience. Professor Lenny Koh pioneers the low carbon supply chain life cycle analysis research. This research produced several generations of a cloud-hosted Supply Chain Environmental Analysis Tool helping industry and policy makers cut their carbon emissions. SMEs and large corporations (e.g. Rolls-Royce) have been using the tool to measure and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The Supply Chain Environmental Analysis Tool has developed throughout the years, adding capabilities relative to the progress of technologies and industries.

Professor Lenny Koh leads a team of researchers who are working on developing new technology and models to understand the challenges of future supply chains and their ability to respond to changes in legislation and customer requirements. The teams’ cutting-edge research and innovation bring transformational change and positive global impact on society, industry, and government.

The team has outstanding knowledge of sustainability assessment methods. Such capabilities enable them to propose innovative solutions for industries across multiple sectors and support them in making sustainable decisions based on evidence, encouraging a circular economy approach, carbon reduction, building resource efficiency and resilient supply chains of the future worldwide.

Professor Lenny Koh

Professor Lenny Koh

SCEnAT process flowchart.

The Supply Chain Environmental Analysis Tool Platform