Future proof supply chain resilience

Professor Lenny Koh and the AREC team have worked with the UK government and a wide range of industry sectors, nationally and internationally, to future proof the resilience of supply chains.




Playing defence or attack to future-proof our resilient supply chains

In this White Paper, Professor Lenny Koh and colleagues explore how companies can address the dual imperative of resilience and transparency in modern supply chains to tackle sudden disruptions and cater to evolving stakeholder demands.

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New tool developed to improve organisational resilience

A tool has been developed by researchers at the University of Sheffield in partnership with Rolls-Royce to improve resilience and efficiency, and help companies better respond to crises.

This tool received coverage from Resilience Forward and Phys.org

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Enabling supply chain resilience and security with Rolls-Royce

Project FPSCRS (Future Proof Supply Chain Resilience and Security, launched in collaboration between the University of Sheffield and Rolls-Royce, aims to help industry and government track and compare facility-level supply chain resilience.

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Project Future Proof Supply Chain Resilience and Security

Professor Lenny Koh is leading Project FPSCRS with Rolls-Royce to develop a resilience index scorecard system for high value manufacturing industries.

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National Security Strategy (Joint Committee)

Professor Lenny Koh was a witness on the UK government's inquiry into critical national infrastructure and climate adaptation.

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