BBC Breakfast invites AREC Director Lenny Koh to talk about UK’s ‘greenest’ summer

AREC Director Lenny Koh made another appearance on BBC Breakfast.

Wind turbines

Profesor Koh was invited to discuss the National Grid’s announcement that in 2017, the UK experienced its ‘greenest’ summer to date. Koh expressed that the National Grid trajectory of low carbon energy supply is a welcomed development and explained that it aligns with AREC’s mission of championing renewable energy (especially offshore wind and PV + civil nuclear) and supporting supply chains in the UK.

She further pointed out that recent improvements in technology and efficiency help reduce costs which eventually helps consumers save money.

An example of this includes regionalising and localising energy supply through smart grid/small scale supply such as Small Modular Reactor (SMR).

Since AREC’s work contributes to such developments, its research fosters policy goals such as reductions in carbon emissions, which encourages sustainable energy solutions while reducing negative impacts on people’s health.

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