Madeline Rihner

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

PhD Researcher


Madeline holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Auburn University, USA. She then completed her MSc in Structural Engineering at the University of Leeds, UK where her Dissertation concentrated on UK Legacy Slags for Low Carbon Cement Production: A Buried Treasure, or Best Left in the Ground?

She is now a PhD Researcher in both the Sustainable Materials at Sheffield (CBE) and Cements@Sheffield (MSE) research teams. She is also a Scholar at The Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures, as part of the training programme at the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures. Her PhD is supervised by Dr Brant Walkley, Professor John L. Provis, and Professor Lenny Koh.

Madeline’s PhD research aims to conduct life cycle assessments on various raw materials used in low-carbon cement production in the UK to evaluate their impact on carbon emission reduction. Her skills include a thorough understanding of LCA methodology following ISO standards, modelling LCAs in SimaPro and data analysis.

Research interests
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Low carbon cement
  • Sustainability analysis


Madeline C.S. Rihner, Jacob W. Whittle, Su Natasha Mohamad, Mahmoud H.A. Gadelhaq, Brant Walkley, Lenny S.C. Koh. The Cement Sector and Life Cycle Assessment: Insights from a Systematic Literature Review (2023) - Accepted by the 16th International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement Conference.

Madeline C.S. Rihner, Alastair T.M. Marsh, John L. Provis, Lenny S.C. Koh, Brant Walkley, Susan A. Bernal. Legacy Slags - A Solution to the Future Shortages of GGBFS in the UK? (2022) - IOM3 41st Cement and Concrete Science Conference Proceeding.

StEER Data Analyst Team Member. Preliminary Virtual Reconnaissance Report- Nashville Tornados and Hurricane Michael Data Sets (2020).