Big data, digitalisation and industry 4.0 (Inc. Blockchain, AI and IoT)

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  • Reducing the environmental impact of industry
  • Sustainable and resilient industrial system
  • Improved efficiency through digitally connected supply chains

Supported by strong Cloud platform; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) and Blockchain, have the combined digital capabilities to significantly open up enormous opportunities for public and private organisations to change the way products and services are offered, delivered and managed for societal benefits. 

In such a digital environment where big data can lead to new knowledge, insights and intelligence; new business models, hard and soft infrastructures, new thinking and new governance framework will concurrently emerge from this revolution, resulting in improved resource efficiency, productivity and hence overall sustainability, underpinned by life cycle principles.

Together with such technological revolution, industry 4.0 combining with Internet of Things, edge computing and machine vision can further advance beyond the platform and service economy, where future customer demands are satisfied and resources and data are shared, owned, used, regenerated, exploited, organised and recycled to make a product or deliver a service, faster, cheaper, more efficiently and more sustainably. 

Such convergence demands security, privacy, stability and interoperability in the supply chain.  

In partnership with Microsoft supported by Azure Cloud and technologies, four software suites / tools have been developed and used by global industry and policy makers to make sustainable resources decisions and create resilient and resource-efficient futures.

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