Baha'i chaplaincy

Our Bahá'í Adviser is here to support students who follow the Bahá'í faith, or who are interested in finding out more. There are over 7000 Bahá'ís in the UK.


About the Bahá'í faith

What is the Bahá'í faith? What do Bahá'ís believe? Find out more on the UK Bahá'í website.

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Bahá'í adviser: Sahar Koohbor

Sahar Koohbor is a baha'i member who studied BA of Architecture at BIHE(Baha'i Institute for Higher Education) in Iran. BIHE is an underground university for baha'i youth who are deprived of going to governmental university because of their faith. She also enrolled in an MA of Urban Design at the University of Sheffield.
She will be happy to meet anyone who is interested to talk about Baha'i faith and spirituality in general.  Her field of interests are art, architecture, urban, feminism, books and movies. She is keen on any other topics to discuss and happy to learn new things.


Telephone: 07309 920292

Events & Activities

Sociable Devotional

Join us on Tuesday 7th February at 5.00pm for our open space devotional where we can share prayers and quotations on a different topic every time.  The theme this week is equality.  

Gathering Space, BNBR Life Centre, LG Floor, Octagon Centre

Spiritual assembly

Information about how to get in contact with the Spiritual Assembly in Sheffield.

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Address: Various venues

Telephone: +44 114 267 0400

Contact: Sandra Agahi


Activities are arranged on a nineteen day cycle. Please phone for further details.

University of Sheffield Bahá'í Society

The Bahá'í student society exists to promote the study of the Bahá'í writings and their application to contemporary issues

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