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Judaism is one of the world's oldest monotheistic religions. Our Jewish chaplaincy team are here to support Jewish students and staff of any tradition. Sheffield has a small Jewish community, with Orthodox and Reform congregations.


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Jewish chaplaincy team

Rabbi Golomb


Orthodox Jewish Chaplain at the BNBR Life Centre and Rabbi at the United Synagogue and Jewish Centre Sheffield.  

Patsy Cunningham

Jewish Adviser


Hi, I’m Patsy Cunningham.  I grew up in America’s Midwest, managing to get a Bachelor's degree in philosophy (a subject I still struggle with), a Master’s degree in Social Work (I learned a lot), two children, and three grandchildren (I learned even more!).  I then spent ten years at three different universities in Hungary teaching lots of students about American Jewish literature and a very few students about American feminist literature.  In 2001 I moved to Sheffield, working first at Northern General Hospital and then (a real privilege) as the social worker on the Macmillan Palliative Care Unit. I am an active member of the Reform Jewish Congregation here and as their representative have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of interfaith groups and activities in the city - including now here at the University. Please feel free to text, email, or just give me a call; I’d welcome the opportunity to meet you.

University Jewish Chaplaincy

Further information and support is available from the team of chaplains at the national University Jewish Chaplaincy, who are there for Jewish students of all backgrounds and affiliations. They provide a warm, vibrant, inclusive and inspiring Jewish environment with thousands of students benefiting every year from their pastoral, spiritual and practical support. 

Synagogues and congregations in Sheffield

Sheffield has a small Jewish community, with two worshipping congregations - one from the Orthodox and one from the Reform traditions.

Please note that these listings are to provide information only. The inclusion of any group or association in these listings does not represent an endorsement of its views or practices by the University of Sheffield.

Both synagogue communities are friendly and welcoming, whatever your level of knowledge or observance.

The Reform community does not have its own building but meets regularly in the Ranmoor area.

The Orthodox community's building is near Hunter's Bar. Services are conducted according to traditional customs on every Thursday morning, Friday evening and Saturday morning as well as midweek festivals.

Please get in touch for more details of locations and times of services.

The Reform congregation uses English and Hebrew in services, usually led by members of the community but sometimes by a visiting Rabbi. Torah (Bible) readings are in Hebrew and translated into English. Both communities run communal events and offer home hospitality.


Rabbi Golomb

Synagogue, Brincliffe Crescent, near Hunters Bar, Sheffield S11 9AW.

There is a kosher butcher shop on the premises every Thursday morning open from 8.30-10.30am selling fresh meat and Challot.

At the same time there is a cafe offering a kosher breakfast and coffee. You can find it just up the stairs from the butcher shop.


Seven Hills Shul

Small, informal, inclusive Reform Jewish community.

We run events and services mostly in Ranmoor. Please phone or email Maya Brown, our community development worker ( or a member of the Seven Hills Shul committee ( for the address.

High Holy Days

Find somewhere to celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) occur in September or October, and so will often come early on in the semester, or during Intro Week.

(The Holy Days begin at sunset the evening before and end approximately an hour after sunset on the following day.)

For Jewish students coming to a new city during the High Holy Days, it can be challenging to be away from family and friends.

Here is some information and advice to help you enjoy these important dates in Sheffield.

  1. There will be Orthodox and Reform services for the High Holy Days.
  2. If you need to miss a department event, contact them in advance to let them know why you will not be able to attend that day. More information is available here.
  3. No-one needs to be alone on High Holy Days. If you would like to share festive meals with other Jewish people, contact Jewish Student Society (JSoc) – ideally at least 48 hours in advance! Contact or on Facebook.
  4. Students who for religious reasons cannot attend, sit exams etc on specific dates/times should discuss with their academic department(s) in advance. If exams on specific dates, late Friday afternoons or Saturdays will not be possible, please complete this form before the end of October.

Shana Tova – Happy New Year!

Sheffield Student Jewish Society

The Sheffield Jewish Society is a joint society for students of both the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

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We also have an active WhatsApp group which you can join. We use our Twitter @sheffjsoc and Facebook page @sheffjsoc occasionally for public statements and announcements. 

Visit our Linktree, where all of our platforms will be available in one place.

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