Inclusions policy


The Belief, No Belief & Religious (BNBR) Life Centre is committed to the University of Sheffield’s policies on Equality and Diversity, including the Council Statement on Equality of Opportunity and Diversity.

It is our policy to treat all students and staff equally, regardless of personal characteristics including, but not limited to, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, age, disability, political or religious belief or socio-economic class or spent criminal convictions.

We recognise that religious organisations are often open to criticism in their treatment of those who identify as LGBT+. We also recognise that, within most religions and faiths there is a diversity of perspectives with respect to LGBT+ identities.

We are committed to supporting the right of individuals to hold an opinion, but also to creating an environment where all can feel supported and play a full part. As a BNBR LIfe Centre we are fully committed to treating everyone equally, regardless of gender or sexual identity.

For information and support relating to LGBT+ identity and faith, visit the Students' Union LGBT+ committee faith page.

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