Meditation Sessions

An image of a stack of rocks
"Meditation Rock 4" by elfsternberg is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Event details

Every Thursday
BNBR Life Centre Gathering Space, LG Floor, Octagon Centre, Octagon Centre, The University of Sheffield, Clarkson Street, Sheffield, S10 2TQ


Are you interested in starting a meditation practice or just giving it a go? Then come along to a led meditation session at 12.15 every Thursday lunchtime for 30 minutes. Everyone welcome!

It is SUITABLE FOR ANYONE including people who already meditate regularly to those who are completely new. The group will use a simple format of a brief introduction to meditation (and later additional suggestions to help your practice), followed by a practice of body awareness and then a period 'mindfulness of breathing'.
Please come promptly at 12.15.

There is no simple answer to that - it is something you experience. There are many different forms of meditation that have been practiced for centuries by different religious and non-religious traditions. We will be doing probably the best known which is called 'mindfulness of breathing' where you focus on your breath while maintaining an awareness of your body. The objective is to stop yourself becoming dominated by an over-active mind and to achieve a calmer mental state (that is the idea anyway!). It is something that gets better with practice. In the future we may explore other practices.

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