Digital adverts

Our brand assets can be used in digital adverts to help us capture attention and increase brand loyalty.


Creating digital adverts

When dealing with small artwork like this it is important to use the most appropriate logo for the dimensions.

Source Sans Pro should be used to keep the copy as legible as possible. Bold weights and a highlight colour can be used to good affect on key copy.

Regardless of the size of the digital advert there should be a clear space border used to protect the logo and copy. Photography and illustrations can go beyond the boarder up to the edge of the artwork if needed.

Our digital advert template can act as a starting point for the layout of your advert. These may need to be adjusted depending on your content. If your digital advert is related to a University campaign, there may be existing digital advert templates available from the campaign team.

Download digital advert template

Examples of placements in digital adverts
Example of logo placement within digital adverts

A global reputation

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