Collaborative Research in the Clinical Psychology Unit

The Clinical Psychology Unit (CPU) houses a group of research active clinical academics who are committed to enhancing clinical research through publication in quality journals, contributing to developments in clinical practice through the dissemination of research findings, and providing excellence in professional training and the local provision of clinical services.

Interventions for Psychological Health

The emphasis is on pragmatic multi-method approaches to translational research, aimed at improving the organisation and delivery of psychological services and placing health economics in a central role in their evaluation.

We have a particular interest in linking findings on therapy process, efficacy and cost-effectiveness, for example, through building and analyzing very large naturalistic data sets derived from UK service settings; comparing these with large international data sets on costs and outcomes; benchmarking outcomes against data from controlled clinical trials and understanding these services in the wider context of public mental health and well-being.

The Clinical Psychology Unit

The CPU is uniquely placed to advocate for and disseminate the contribution of Psychology throughout the University and the local NHS. Accordingly, many staff collaborate with other clinical academics within the University and within the NHS, often leading to cross-cutting interdisciplinary research and publication in non-psychology journals. Staff also have national and international collaborations. Clinical tutor staff, although not returned through the REF exercise, are also research active, publishing across a range of refereed and professional journals.

The CPU is part of the Department of Psychology and provides NHS-funded training in clinical psychology and IAPT services. The Department of Psychology is among the largest in the UK, and has been consistently ranked as one of the outstanding research departments.