Inbodied Interaction

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Monday 13 December 2021
Online event
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Inbodied Interaction - When Computer Science Isn’t Enough for a Computer Scientist to Ask the Right Question for Computer Science

Abstract: IN CS Health has become a prominent domain of inquiry. In the UK the EPSRC our main national funder is only broadening HEALTH as a theme for IT research. Fantastic. And yet you might count on one or two hands the computer scientists with a background also in physiology, human performance, medicine. In health, most CS folk work in service to (collaboration it’s sometimes called) to health professionals - typically clinicians, so folks focused on the body as site of disease. But what happens when we have enough insight into that space of how we function as complex systems ourselves to formulate our own questions based on how we see the world and the body, outside the clinic? New ideas may flourish. So how help the willing engineer and designer get up to speed with the massive complexity that is a human to be able to ask such novel questions to support great solutions to help #makeNormalBetter 4all @scale? Inbodied Interaction is one possible path. Come see if you don’t see new questions from just a little bit of inbodied-ness we’ll explore in 15minutes.

Meanwhile: You’re all invited to our inbodied interaction online seminary too - you can catch up with any past sessions from Tuning to micro randomisation trials to zazen and the brain to discomfort design 

Bio: m.c. schraefel holds the post prof. of computer science and human performance and leads the wellthlab at the University of Southampton. More about m.c here ( and more about inbodied interaction design here (

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