Dr Kirill Bogdanov

Undergraduate and MSc Projects Co-ordinator, Third and Fourth Year Tutor, Careers and Industrial Placement Officer

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Member of the Verification research group
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Dr Kirill Bogdanov



Dr Kirill Bogdanov has finished the Ph.D degree in Computer Science, in the area of specification-based software testing, in April 2000. The work focused to bring the achievements of the X-machine testing method, for testing software against its specification in Statecharts.

Before becoming a lecturer, worked as a research associate from 1 Oct 99 until 31 Aug 2000 in the Department of Computer Science, The University of Sheffield, UK on the EPSRC-funded MOTIVE project, on testing of object-oriented systems using an X-machine testing method.

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In traditional software development, specification and testing do not play an important role. In particular, changes to software code do not normally get reflected in a specificaton. At the same time, specification-based testing methods are very important for maintaing software quality, for identification of missing or incorrectly-implemented behaviour. K.Bogdanov`s research aims to develop a method and a tool to take an incomplete state-based specification, hints for developers as to how it relates to code and both (1) extract an up-to-date specification and (2) generate tests from it.

A number of existing specificaton-based testing methods rely on a program under test being built with testing in mind, and lose a lot in power if this is not true. In his work, observation of program behaviour under test is used to make up for the missing information about a system, making it more amenable to testing using these methods.

More recent work focuses on passive inference of software models from logs, where it is not possible to attempt experiments on a system being reverse-engineered.

The experimental framework is being maintained as a free Statechum project http://statechum.sourceforge.net.