Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships and Bursaries

The information below is for students starting in 2018.

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Even though the cost of living for students at the University of Sheffield is among the lowest in the country, you may still be able to benefit from the extra financial assistance that we can provide. The Department of Computer Science provides academic achievement scholarships and a number of industrially-funded merit scholarships. In addition the University provides financial support in the form of bursaries, and merit scholarships that provide support for attendance at international summer schools ("Global Scholars").

Academic Achievement Scholarships (UK/EU students)

The Department of Computer Science is offering a number of Academic Achievement Scholarships to UK and EU students entering in 2017.

Scholarships of £2,000 will be awarded as a one-off payment in recognition of academic excellence to students starting on an undergraduate honours degree programme within the Department of Computer Science in 2017. Students will receive a further £1000 upon successful attainment of a 70% average at the end of the first year.

The £2000 scholarship will be paid automatically in October 2017. You do not need to apply. The £1000 payment will be made in October 2018 following confirmation of your first year grade average.

To be eligible for an academic achievement scholarship you must:

  • Attain A level grades of A*AA (or above) with an A* in Mathematics or Computer Science, or BTEC DD  (or above) plus an A* in A level Mathematics or Computer Science, or equivalent performance in IB. 
  • Have made The University of Sheffield your first (firm) choice in the UCAS application process
  • Commence your undergraduate studies in the Department of Computer Science in 2017.
  • Be from the UK or EU (not be classed as an international student for tuition fees purposes)

Please contact our admissions team for further information.

Faculty of Engineering Excellence Scholarships (Overseas students)

The Faculty of Engineering is offering a number of scholarship awards to international, undergraduate students with established and continued academic excellence. Students meeting the award criteria will receive the award on entry – amount dependent on academic achievement as follows:

  • A*A*A* - £3000*
  • A*A*A - £2000*
  • A*AA - £1000*

* You must achieve an A* in Mathematics

Students who maintain excellence (70% grade average) throughout their chosen degree programme will receive an additional £1000 award year on year.

For a self-funded student when combined with the University Engineering International Scholarship, a total fee reduction of nearly 20% per year is available, should a student maintain eligibility for the two scholarships until the course finishes.

To be eligible for an Excellence Scholarship you must:

  • Satisfy the stated academic criteria in the relevant department
  • Be an undergraduate student
  • Be classed as an international student for tuition fee purposes
  • Make The University of Sheffield your first (firm) choice in the UCAS application process
  • Begin study in September 2017


  • Receipt of the scholarship in subsequent years of study is subject to you achieving 70% overall average mark in the previous academic year. The scholarship will be withdrawn if you fail to achieve 70% and it will not be reinstated in the following year.
  • You will not receive the scholarship during any optional or compulsory study abroad periods or year in industry.
  • The awards will not be awarded where partial funding is applicable from an external body* or there is an agreement already in place between the external body and the University of Sheffield to offer a tuition fee discount to the student.
  • For self-funded students, the scholarship will take the form of a tuition fee reduction only. For sponsored students the scholarship will be in the form of a prize.
  • The scholarship will be awarded automatically - no application is required in the first or any subsequent years.

University Bursaries for UK Undergraduate Students

You could get cash support from the University in the form of a bursary (this is same as a grant, so you don't have to pay the money back unless your circumstances change). The size of the bursary depends on your household income.

More information about University of Sheffield bursaries and funding

Student funding calculator

Victoria Hawthorn: our first Epigenesys scholar

Victoria Hawthorn

Victoria Hawthorn was the first recipient of an industrial scholarship funded by EpiGenesys. She completed her A-levels at the Watford Grammar School for Girls, obtaining A grades in Mathematics, Physics and Geography.

Victoria says: "The scholarship has made a big difference. I didn't have a laptop at home - we have one PC for all of us - so it's meant that I can buy my own laptop. Without the scholarship I would need to have taken a part-time job, so it's meant that I can focus on my studies and spend more time on my course."

Sheffield Bursary Scheme

This money is from the University and is the same as a grant; it doesn’t have to be paid back. You will receive the same amount for each year of your course, including a year spent studying abroad should you choose to do this.

We use the details you submit to Student Finance and UCAS to assess your entitlement for the Sheffield Bursary Scheme. You don’t need to apply for it. If you’re eligible, we'll email you in October and you will receive the awards detailed below. The first installment will be paid by the end of October.

You will have a choice of taking your bursary as a direct payment, a fee waiver (reducing the amount of tuition fee loan required) or a partial payment towards your rent (for University accommodation only).

More information about the Sheffield Bursary scheme

Global Scholars

The "Global Scholars" scheme provides an air fare to attend an overseas summer school, as well as tuition and accommodation. It is targeted at the highest achieving students; you need at least A*AA at A Level (or equivalent). The summer school will be at one of our partner institutions, and you'll visit in the summer following your first or second year of study. There are 30 awards available.

More information about the Global Scholars scheme

Postgraduate Scholarships

The University offers a number of scholarships and bursaries for postgraduate students.

More information about PGT Scholarship opportunities

PhD Funding 

The University of Sheffield and the Department of Computer Science offer a wide range of funding opportunities for PhD students. 

More information about PhD funding opportunities


If you have further questions about scholarships and bursaries, please contact us:

Undergraduate admissions team

Postgraduate taught (MSc)

Postgraduate research (PhD)

Disclaimer: All details were correct at the time of publication and can be subject to change.