University of Sheffield bursaries - 2024 entry

If you're a home fee-paying student on a course that attracts undergraduate funding, you might qualify for a bursary. You don't have to pay this money back unless your circumstances change.

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What is a bursary?

A bursary is money from the University and it doesn’t have to be paid back. It’s in addition to government funding.

The information on this page relates to 2024 entry. If you are a current student, please refer to the details about bursaries for previous years’ entry on the Student Hub.

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University of Sheffield Bursary Scheme

How does it work?

If eligible, you'll receive this bursary for each year of your course, including a year spent studying abroad should you choose to do this. 

We use the details you submit to Student Finance England or equivalent assessing agency (for undergraduate means-tested maintenance support) and UCAS to assess your entitlement for the University of Sheffield Bursary Scheme. You do not need to apply for this bursary. If you’re eligible, we'll email you after you start your course and you will receive the awards as detailed below. 

The first instalment will be paid within the first term, usually during October or November. Exact payment dates will be confirmed in a bursary confirmation email. If you think you are eligible to receive a bursary but have not been contacted by the start of November, please contact us.

Bursaries are subject to change each year.


To be considered for the University of Sheffield Bursary Scheme, you must be eligible for and have applied to Student Finance England (or equivalent regional funding body) to receive a tuition fee loan and maintenance loan via the undergraduate funding system. If you do not wish to take out a loan, you can still apply for a household income assessment to be carried out by Student Finance England (or equivalent regional funding body) and request a £0 loan - this allows us to assess you for the bursary without you receiving any loan.

Three award areas:

The Sheffield Bursary Scheme is split into three main areas. You may be eligible for more than one of these. 

1. Some of the bursary is based on your household income.

You'll automatically receive this bursary if your household income is £40,000 or less.

Household income Bursary per year of study
£0 - £25,000 £1,000
£25,001 - £30,000 £500
£30,001 - £40,000 £250

2. You can get an extra £250 based on household income and where you live.

If your household income is £25,000 a year or less and you live in one of the country’s most deprived areas (as defined by the government), you'll receive £250 a year on top of any other financial support you receive.

3. You can get £250 depending on where you live and what grades you get.

If you live within the Sheffield City Region, in an area where it’s not common for people to go to university, and you achieve ABB (or higher) at A Level or equivalent, you'll receive £250 a year on top of any other support you're entitled to. This award does not take household income into account.

Use our Student Funding Calculator to estimate how much you could receive.

Student Funding Calculator

Please note:

  • If you live in one of the devolved nations, you will not be eligible for either of the postcode dependent awards (points 2 and 3 above).
  • You can only receive one of the postcode awards.
  • Your bursary will be paid in two instalments per year.

We reserve the right to reclaim any awards that students are no longer eligible for.

For full terms and conditions, please refer to our web page.

Full bursary terms and conditions

If you think you are eligible to receive a bursary but have not been contacted by the start of November, please contact us.

Contact the Student Fees and Funding Team (student login required)

University of Sheffield Bursary Scheme for students in the Department for Lifelong Learning (DLL)

If you're studying a full-time course in the Department for Lifelong Learning, you may be eligible for a bursary of up to £1,250 that is based solely on your household income.

Department for Lifelong Learning - full-time students 

Part-time Department for Lifelong Learning students may also be eligible for a bursary.

Department for Lifelong Learning - part-time students 

Support for care leavers, estranged students and those students with caring responsibilities

The University is committed to supporting students with additional responsibilities or particular circumstances at home. Bursaries of up to £10,000 per year of study are available depending on your circumstances, regardless of where you live and household income.

If applicable, these awards are instead of the University of Sheffield Bursary Scheme.

The following students are eligible:

Additional information

Students with a household income of £40,000 or less may be eligible to apply for additional awards.

Experience Sheffield Scholarship

We offer scholarships to eligible home fee-paying students. You will need to submit an application in advance of beginning your studies with us. Find out more information on our web page.

Experience Sheffield Scholarships

Participation Grant

We're working with our Students’ Union to provide students with funds to help with the costs of taking part in societies and other Students’ Union led activities. Once you’re a student at the university, you can find out more details on our web page.

Participation Grant (student login required)

Study Abroad

Global Opportunities can provide you with information about funds available to support you with your costs if you are taking a year abroad.

Global Opportunities - Scholarships for Study Abroad

Equal Opportunities Fund from the Careers Service

Eligible students, including bursary recipients, can apply for up to £300 to reimburse expenses that relate to an employability opportunity. Eligible opportunities include volunteering, networking and interviews. Current students can find out more information online.

Equal Opportunities Fund (student login required)


Guidance about additional funding and how to manage your money can be found on our web pages.

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Additional funding for undergraduate study

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