Submitting your application

You can find information about vacancies to start in September 2024 on our Clearing webpages.

Applications for undergraduate courses should be submitted via the UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) website:

UCAS website – apply

Full instructions on how to apply are available on the UCAS website.

If you're still at school or college in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, please ask your teachers for advice on the UCAS application process.

The UCAS code for the University of Sheffield is S18 SHEFD. There's no campus code.

If you need to contact UCAS directly, you can do so by phone, email or social media:

UCAS contact details

When to apply for a degree beginning in September 2025

Applications for undergraduate degree courses starting in September 2025 should be submitted between:

  • 1 September 2024 and 29 January 2025 to be guaranteed equal consideration with other applicants

  • 30 January and 30 June 2025 for further consideration, although we may not be able to consider your application if all the places on the course you've applied for have been filled

If you're applying for entry to the MBChB Medicine or the BDS Dental Surgery, you should submit your application by 15 October 2024.

Deferred entry

If you don't want to begin your studies straight away, you can defer your entry for a year. For example, you could apply in autumn 2024 for entry in September 2026. We welcome applications for deferred entry, and treat them on an equal basis with other applications.

Applications for deferred entry are considered under the conditions for entry in the UCAS application year in which they're submitted, and applicants must satisfy these conditions by the end of that application year. If you're applying for entry in September 2026, for example, you must have met the conditions of your offer by 2 September 2025.

Direct entry to Year/Level 2

We're happy to consider applications for entry to the second year of an undergraduate course. You should normally have met the Sheffield course's standard A Level requirements (or equivalent). You should also show us that you've undertaken and successfully completed a programme of study equivalent to the first year of the course that you're applying for. We reserve the right to determine whether you've covered an equivalent area of study. In assessing this we may ask you to provide further information on your studies to date, including course syllabuses.

Please note that some departments do not accept any transfers into Year/Level 2.

Admissions requirements

Before completing your UCAS application form, please check the University's admissions requirements:

University of Sheffield admissions requirements

Disrupted Studies

If you've experienced issues of a personal, social or domestic nature that have affected your post-16 studies, you can let us know by completing our Disrupted Studies form:

Disrupted Studies

Fraudulent statements and omissions

Offers of a place are made in good faith by the University and are based on the information you provide at any point during the application process. False statements or omissions of relevant information may lead to the withdrawal of an offer or a place. Further information is available on the UCAS website when you apply.