Dr Robert Airey

BSc, MSc, PhD

Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Research Associate

Research Associate responsible for device processing, within the UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council National Epitaxy Facility.

+44 114 222 5820

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Dr Robert Airey
Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
George Porter Building
Wheeldon Street
S3 7HQ

B.Sc., 1988, Physical Electronics, University of Bradford. M.Sc., 1989, Medical Electronics, University of London. Ph.D., 1995, Physics, University of Cranfield for the thesis "Second-Harmonic generation in Langmuir-Blodgett films." Medical Physicist, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne. 1989-1991, Research into the effect prostate removal has on bladder control. Teaching Company Associate, University of Lancaster and Oxley Developments. 1995-1997, Development of microstructures using deep X-ray lithography. Research Assistant, Department of Electronic Engineering, University of Sheffield. 1997-1998, Fabrication and chracterisation of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs). Research Associate, Department of Physics, University of Sheffield and the Medical Physics department at the Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield. 1998-2000, Development of CVD diamond as a radiation detector for use in radiotherapy.


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  • Chemical Vapour Deposition Epitaxy - Characterisation of CVD diamond using the thermally stimulated current technique. The development of an in-shoe sensor to measure the shear forces exerted on the foot whilst walking, with the aim to predict and identify areas on the sole of the foot that are likely to ulcerate.