Professor Geraint Jewell

EEE Staff Professor Geraint Jewell

Contact Details

Tel: +44 (0)114 22 25845

ORCID: 0000-0002-8763-4190


  • PhD
  • BEng

Research Activities

  • Power dense electrical machines for aerospace applications
  • Linear electromagnetic actuators
  • Electromagnetic modelling of novel devices


  • Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Advanced Electrical Machines

I am a graduate of the Department (BEng 1988, PhD 1992) and have been a member of the academic staff since 1994. During my time on the academic staff I held an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship (2000-2005) and a Royal Society Industry Fellowship at Rolls-Royce (2006-2008). I have been Director of the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Advanced Electrical Machines since 2006 and Director of the EPSRC Future Electrical Machines Manufacturing Hub since 2019. Alongside my mainstream academic roles within the Department, I served as the Faculty of Engineering’s first Faculty Director of Research and Innovation from 2008-2011 and as Head of the Department from 2013 to 2019.

My PhD research was concerned with the electromagnetic modelling and design of capacitor- discharge multipole magnetizing fixtures for NdFeB magnets, which at that time were a relatively recent development that posed many magnetization challenges. I then applied the underpinning transient modelling to the problem of eddy currents in pulsed magnetometry for permanent magnet characterisation.

Since becoming a member of academic staff my interests have broadened to cover many aspects of electromechanical devices including electrical machines (permanent magnet, switched reluctance, synchronous reluctance) and linear actuators. Much of this research has been directed towards aero-engine applications in collaboration with Rolls-Royce. This research has included high temperature devices (many around 400℃ but with one up to 800℃) and several demonstrator starter-generators for aero-engines. I have also had a long-standing interest in core loss calculation methods for electrical machines. I have supervised ~20 PhD students to completion across a wide range of electromagnetic and electro-mechanical topics.

Research Students

Student Degree Status Primary/Secondary
Balachandran B PhD Graduated Primary
Duke A PhD Graduated Primary
Forrest SJ PhD Graduated Primary
Menon KG PhD Graduated Primary
Nie C PhD Graduated Primary
Pan Q PhD Graduated Primary
Rodrigues LK PhD Graduated Primary
Shortte MOP PhD Graduated Primary
Alwash MAM PhD Graduated Secondary
Azar Z PhD Graduated Secondary
Chu W PhD Graduated Secondary
Conway AR PhD Graduated Secondary
Gladwin DT PhD Graduated Secondary
Guan Y PhD Graduated Secondary
Lee B PhD Graduated Secondary
Ma Xiyun PhD Graduated Secondary
Owen RL PhD Graduated Secondary
Ren Y PhD Graduated Secondary
Rogers DJ PhD Graduated Secondary
Suppharangsan W PhD Graduated Secondary
Thomas AS PhD Graduated Secondary
Wu Z PhD Graduated Secondary
Xue S PhD Graduated Secondary
Zheng M PhD Graduated Secondary