Dr Mohammed Benaissa

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Tel: +44 (0)114 22 25899

ORCID: 0000-0001-7524-9116


  • PhD
  • Dip.Ing

Research Activities

  • Design and implementation of cryptosystems
  • Design and implementation of error-control coding systems
  • Reconfigurable hardware design
  • Healthcare engineering
  • Galois fields arithmetic circuits
  • Residue number systems


  • Chair of MSc Examination Board

Research Group: Communications


After graduating with a Dip.Ing degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from l’Ecole Polytechnique d’Alger, I embarked on a PhD in VLSI Signal Processing at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne where I investigated algorithms and circuit architectures for the VLSI implementation of Digital Signal Processing operations based on the Number Theoretic Transforms. My PhD research, subsequently, led to an interest in applications of number theory in communication systems, cryptography, signal processing and in various aspects of electronic system design, such as, design automation, high performance and low-power. This was further influenced by teaching courses in DSP, Communications and VLSI, first at the University of Huddersfield then the University of Sheffield to date, as well as various industrial secondments and consultancies.

I have maintained interest in finite number systems, as well as, in error control coding, in particular in their application to secure and fault-tolerant design.

I have a strong interest in hardware cryptography in terms of challenging the design space of cryptography primitives to enable scalability, security and privacy across domains of application.

Healthcare translational research dominates my current research activity which revolves around supporting an NIHR programme grant on Diabetes (DafnePlus) where my team’s remit is to cover the technology aspects in terms of creating a technology platform for the data acquisition, transmission, analysis, presentation and feedback in addition to incorporating the structured educational aspects. Over the last 3 years we have developed the technology platform (WithCare+ and Glucollector) with close collaboration with all stakeholders (a tribute to co-creation). The platform was piloted successfully for over 2 years in 3 NHS Diabetes centres and is currently being deployed in the Dafne Plus RCT involving 14 NHS Diabetes centres. Current research is focussing on evolving the platform to incorporate higher levels of personalisation and improved prediction of health trajectories in terms of key Diabetes markers.

I have published over 160 papers and successfully supervised over 25 PhDs. I received a best paper award for the work on secure and privacy aware RFIDs, a runner-up innovation prize award for work on a Diabetes monitoring system, and a granted Patent on WithCare+.

I have acted as External Examiner for Undergraduate courses (University of London) and PhDs (over 20 PhDs examined).

I have served on numerous TPCs for conferences, sat on several research funding panels and acted as External reviewer of research.

I currently Chair our PGT Examination Board and sit on the Departmental Executive Board.

Research Students

Student Degree Status Primary/Secondary
Abdelaal AMM PhD Graduated Primary
Al-Mbaideen AAM PhD Graduated Primary
Chelton W PhD Graduated Primary
Chu J PhD Graduated Primary
Fan D PhD Graduated Primary
Good TR PhD Graduated Primary
Hassan MN PhD Graduated Primary
Kanakis A PhD Graduated Primary
Khan ZUA PhD Graduated Primary
Lim WM PhD Graduated Primary
Malik B PhD Graduated Primary
Patchava K PhD Graduated Primary
Patel RA PhD Graduated Primary
Saraireh SS PhD Graduated Primary
Zhu Y PhD Graduated Primary
Arbi AS PhD Graduated Secondary
Patchava K PhD Graduated Secondary
Wang Y PhD Graduated Secondary
Yu X PhD Graduated Secondary
Zhu S PhD Graduated Secondary