Throughout July, our tree team will be working around Endcliffe and Crewe residences, while the wider grounds and landscape team make our campus look its best for graduation.

At the start of July, they will be cutting hedges on the driveway from Brocco Bank to Crewe flats/Bishops House. This work will look quite significant as they have not been maintained for some time. The work will bring the hedgerow back to its original quality and save a grass verge which is being encroached upon. The area will be brighter and branches will not need to be removed from trees.

At the end of July, we are felling a large horse chestnut tree in the rear garden of 11a/b Endcliffe Crescent. The tree is suffering from bacterial canker and there is a risk that it will spread to nearby, younger trees. We are replacing it with a smaller birch tree in the same location which is more suitable for the space.