Continued tree and grounds work at Crewe flats, from 10 February

We are continuing our tree and grounds work around Crewe Hall, student accommodation between Oakholme and Westbourne Roads.

The view of Sheffield from Crewe Hall in 1980

From 10 February, Sheffield Tree Care will be on the grounds. Their work will improve accessibility to the site, and deal with trees that pose a risk.

The tree work taking place is as follows:

  • Crown lifting of seven yew trees to three metres. Also removal of some yew branches resting on a wall.
  • Work on two holly bushes, including removal of decayed limbs.
  • Maintenance prune to a beech tree, plus a crown thin of 25 per cent.
  • Removal of a codominant stem on a Swedish whitebeam
  • Removal of dead wood and 25 per cent crown thin on a Cedar.
  • Pruning of two sycamore trees and one pollard, plus tidying of a stem to create a habitat for wildlife and grinding of a stump. A final sycamore will have crown reduced by 50 per cent, or possible pollarding.
  • Removal of dead wood from a pine.
  • A horse chestnut will have a 25 per cent crown thin and will be cut back from a neighbouring properties. A second horse chestnut will be pruned.
  • A beech will be pruned and cut back from a neighbouring outbuilding. A previously felled stem will be tidied to create a habitat for wildlife.
  • Felling of a Norway maple due to heavily included unions.
  • Small self-set trees will be removed to avoid overcrowding.

Additionally, we're planning to lightly trim trees lining the drive and one will be pruned into a formal feature.

The area to the rear of the tennis court will see vegetation and brambles cut back to ground level, as well as the laurel and elder understory, with clusters left for habitat. Ivy will be cut at the base of the stem to avoid further growth, but left on the trees to support biodiversity and habitat.

We expect the work to take around 11 days in total.

Extra work

We have responded to our neighbours' requests for further work on trees bordering their properties. As such, we are also:

  • Trimming back branches of an oak tree overhanging a property
  • A condition report on a large tree backing onto Betjeman Gardens

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