The Highway Code - significant changes from 29 January 2022

Rules for all types of road users have been updated in The Highway Code to improve the safety of people walking, cycling and riding horses.

The official highway code image showing different types of vehicles in a circular layout

Significant changes have been made to the UK's Highway Code giving more rights to pedestrians and cyclists.  It is important for all the University's staff, students and visitors to be aware of the changes whilst moving around the University estate, the city of Sheffield and when travelling around the UK for University related activities.

The UK Government's Department for Transport (DfT) received more than 20,000 responses to a public consultation held in 2020, following which the rule changes have been introduced from 29 January 2022.

 The DfT in collaboration with the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) have released a joint news story highlighting some of the key changes:  The Highway Code: 8 changes you need to know from 29 January 2022

The full updated version of the Highway Code can be accessed online.