We’re excited to announce two new initiatives to make it easier to be sustainable in our cafes and outlets, including the new reusable ‘Campus Cup’ and a trial run of recyclable cups that can actually be recycled!

Campus Cups

Our University and Students' Union have launched the innovative Campus Cup scheme to help reduce plastic waste. This cup can be used, deposited and re-used across our campus.

To join the scheme, you get a Campus Cup band for a refundable £5 deposit, available from the Students’ Union Welcome Desk. Each time you buy a regular hot drink to take away, simply show your band and you will receive your drink in one of our reusable Campus Cups, along with a 20p discount to say thank you for being sustainable.

When you've finished, simply return your cup to any participating outlet, but keep your band for next time.

If you ever want to leave the scheme, you can return your band to any of the outlets for a full refund.

Alternatively, bringing in your own reusable cup from home will also give you a 20p discount.

Outlets taking part include:

Coffee Revolution; Interval Café Bar; North Campus; View Deli; IC; Diamond Kitchen; Jessop West; Krebs Café; Velocity; Oasis; Café 1828; Edge Café; University Arms; Bartolome Café; Arts Tower Café; Heart Space Café; AMRC Café; Courtyard Café

The ground-breaking scheme is the first of its kind for a UK university and has been pioneered by our Students' Union Development Officer, Megan McGrath.

She said: "Every year, the UK throws away 2.5 billion coffee cups. Disposable cups take over 25 years to break down in landfills and whilst doing so generate the greenhouse gas methane. They also require regular transportation to reach outlets.

"This scheme helps us and the University reduce our environmental impact, and is another example of our ongoing commitment to Sustainability. So join the scheme and save waste and money!"

Recyclable coffee cups

5,000 disposable cups are used every minute in the UK and only 12 of these are likely to get recycled.

We want to change this, starting here on our campus, so we’re running a trial of recyclable cups 12 - 16 March, for all regular sized coffee cups in three outlets.

Frugal Cups are made from recycled cardboard that can be processed by any UK paper recycling facility. You can put them in any recycling bin that recycles paper.

Regular sized Frugal Cups will be sold alongside our usual small and large cups. Please only recycle the blue, regular-sized Frugal Cups. This will be clear from the cup itself.

You must empty the cup of any liquid before you recycle it, or it will contaminate the recycling.

The trial will only run in the following cafes, so please dispose of your cups in a recycling bin near to these cafes:

  • Diamond Kitchen
  • Coffee Revolution in the Students’ Union
  • Courtyard Cafe in the Management School

We really want the trial to be a success so that we can roll out recyclable cups across all cafes and units on campus. So don’t forget:

  • Only recycle the regular-sized blue cups
  • Empty the cups of any liquids in the bottom before you recycle