Vital safety work on the Management School boundary wall

Rebuilding and repair of the wall will start week commencing 28 February 2022

Brick wall on crookesmoor road with which has the management school sign attached

Further to work in 2021 additional repairs and maintenance is necessary on the Management School's boundary wall.  The work is scheduled to start towards the end of February and anticipated to take 8-10 weeks to complete.

A 15 metre (approx.) central section of the wall will be dismantled and rebuilt with minor maintenance works being carried out to the rest of the wall. This work will improve the condition of the wall and ensure its long-term safety.  

The pavement and one side of the road needs to be cordoned off for safety whilst the work takes place. To keep disruption to as minimum as possible, the work will be done in two phases with the cordon moving during the works.

The work requires three trees to be felled due to their close proximity to the wall and the high risk that when the wall is dismantled if the trees were not removed beforehand they could fall in an uncontrolled way. Two of the trees being felled are ash trees which the arboricultural report highlighted are in decline due to ash dieback and require felling regardless of this work.  The third tree is a holly tree.

The felling of trees is always the last resort for the University and in accordance with our policy we will be planting replacement trees at a ratio of 2:1 on the land behind the wall in the 2022/23 growing season.

Update 6 May 2022

The central portion of the wall has been re-built. Work to repoint the wall and replace damaged coping stones is due to complete by Friday 13 May.

The scaffolding and the lane closure on the highway will then be relocated towards the junction with Conduit Road. Work on this lower area of the wall to replace damaged coping stones and clear out weepholes for drainage will take place.

All work is due to complete, with the site fencing and lane closure removed by the end of Wednesday 1 June.