George Burghel - PhD Student - Department of Oncology


Why did you choose The University of Sheffield?

I have chosen the university of Sheffield because the course that I came to do initially was exactly what I wanted (MSc Molecular Medicine), the ranking of the university is very good and it is well recognised nationally and internationally. Moreover, the city of Sheffield is very nice.

Why did you choose the project you are studying?

It´s a very important field in medicine.

What do you like about your department?

It is full of very good scientists who are willing to help and share.

What do you like about the university?

Its not a campus based university and it feels like a part of the city.

How would you describe your relationship with the staff?

Very good. People are very friendly and helpful.

How would you describe your relationship with other students?

They are all good friends.

If relevant, what is it like to be an international student at the University of Sheffield?

I don´t feel a difference what so ever. The university is very welcoming to international students and I was awarded a studentship for my PhD which covered all my expenses.