Learning and Teaching

Promoting understanding about health and healthcare is a core theme for learning and teaching in our faculty. The overarching aim is to enable students who wish to enter professional practice within the healthcare services to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes which prepare them to be excellent practitioners. To do this, all departments in the faculty maintain close links with colleagues in the NHS, many of whom contribute directly to our programmes of study, both in the classroom settings and through the provision of valuable clinical and practise-based learning opportunities.

Our collaboration and interaction with NHS colleagues is further strengthened through our extensive portfolio of courses for continuing education and other post-graduate study and research opportunities. The Faculty is proud of its provision of high quality, innovative learning and teaching opportunities and of staff from each Department who have been awarded recognition of their excellence through National or University Senate Awards in Learning and Teaching. Student feedback confirms their appreciation of our teaching, with several departments achieving consistently high scores in the National Student Survey.

Much of our teaching is undertaken by staff who are at the cutting edge of research in their specialist areas, enabling students at all levels of study to develop their understandings and skills through research-led teaching. Our taught post-graduate programmes offer various levels of provisions, including: short courses for Continuing Professional Education (LBR), post-graduate (Taught) Master’s, and doctoral programmes (many of which are available as part of the NHS Learning Beyond Registration provision).