Leo Russell- Moore

Headshot of General Engineering studdent Leo
Leo Russell- Moore
Leo Russell-Moore
MEng General Engineering with a Year in Industry- Materials Stream
I chose to specialise in Materials engineering, as this was one of the two routes into manufacturing engineering (the other being Mech Eng). Manufacturing engineering has always interested me greatly, as it is pretty general and interdisciplinary by nature, and potentially allows me to dive into sustainable materials and sustainable manufacturing, and sustainability is a particular area of passion for me.

Next year I’m going to be starting a Year in Industry placement in Alberta, Canada, researching the process of 3D printing with copper alloys to create geometries that would be impossible with regular industrial manufacturing processes like casting. At the end of the year I will hopefully have completed an article that will be published in an engineering journal, not something I think a lot of undergraduates can say they’ve done!

One of the things that drew me to the company was that all their engineering research is directly for industry applications. This means the projects I’ll be working on are directly in parallel with the engineering design of products going into production for use in the real world.

I hope the broad range of practical experience in many different labs with highly varied processes that studying general engineering has provided me with will help me a lot when it comes to working.

After I graduate I would love to work again somewhere outside the UK, but hopefully in a company/on a project with a particularly environmentally friendly/sustainable focus, as I think it’s especially important for us as the new breed of interdisciplinary engineers to tackle the biggest challenge of the future; fixing our planet.

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