Oleks Mohyley

Head and shoulders photo of General Engineering student Oleks Mohyley
Oleks Mohyley
Oleks Mohyley
MEng General Engineering (Civil) with a Year in Industry
I am proud of being a founding member of the General Engineering course society (GEMSoc) and seeing it continue to grow after my two years as Treasurer came to an end. My Year in Industry has led a graduate role at ARUP in September 2021.

Why did you choose to study General Engineering?

"When I was choosing what to study at university, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do. I knew I liked maths and that engineering appealed to me, but I wasn’t ready to narrow it down too much just yet. I am really glad that I didn’t! Choosing a general engineering course was definitely the right decision for me personally. I got the chance to understand and try out different types of engineering and find what I was genuinely interested in. 

After the first two years, I knew what type of engineering I was best suited to and enjoyed learning about. I specialised into Civil Engineering because I was interested to learn more about our current infrastructure, and sustainable ways to design for the future. Even after I specialised, there was still an element of general engineering in the course which I really enjoyed. Also, doing a general engineering degree allowed me to have a wider view of technical problems and it meant that I could approach them from a slightly different angle."

Where do you hope your future career path will take you?

"I hope that I continue to work in the Civil Engineering sector after I graduate. I want my work to focus on infrastructure, water, and sustainable drainage projects. I also hope that my knowledge and awareness of the industry keep growing over time. "

Why did you choose to include a Year in Industry in your degree and where did you work during it?

"I chose to do a Year in Industry placement as part of my degree because I wanted to see how I could apply what I learned “in the real world” so to speak. I also wanted to know if I would enjoy doing engineering after I graduated and doing a year in an engineering consultancy firm was the perfect way to do that for me. 

My placement was in the Infrastructure department of the Sheffield Arup branch. I got to work with some amazing people on a wide range of projects. During my placement, my role focused on assisting my team members with design elements of rail, roads, and drainage projects. Also, I had a chance to work with graduate engineering on charity outreach projects. My experience there taught me more about responsibility, teamwork, and organisation. After my placement finished, I felt more interested in the work that I did, and I decided to tailor my final year module choices to focus on infrastructure and sustainable water design modules. I really enjoyed my time at Arup, so much so that I am planning on going back after I graduate."

What have you enjoyed most about your degree so far and why?  

"I think one of the things I liked most about this degree was how close my cohort group was. Unlike a lot of other engineering courses, this one has a real sense of community.  I had the chance to know every person in my year and make some great friends along the way. Also, as challenging as the course was, it was incredibly engaging and the people running it have been nothing short of amazing! Being part of this course from the very beginning has been a great and valuable experience, and I hope that the future cohorts feel the same way."

What are you most proud of achieving whilst at University?  

"I was in the first cohort of this course and I got to see it get developed and improved over the years. I have been involved with the General Engineering department on various projects over the years. I have taken roles as a student ambassador, mentor and recently a role as an Academic Rep which gives me the chance to engage with members of my course and give the student feedback to the department heads. I am also proud of being a founding member of the General Engineering course society (GEMSoc) and seeing it continue to grow after my two years as Treasurer came to an end."

Do you have any advice for students considering studying General Engineering?

"It can be extremely daunting making the choice of what to study at university especially if you find yourself interested in a wide range of subjects. This course is a great choice if you want to find out more about what you do and don’t enjoy. Also, choosing this course does not limit your future options in any way - you will have a chance to specialise into a wide range of streams after the two years.

I would definitely advise to do the course!

Whatever you choose, try to enjoy your time in university and get involved in societies as it’s a great way to make friends."

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