Dr Özge Öztürk, PhD, mRCSLT, mHCPC

Dr Özge ÖztürkDepartment of Human Communication Sciences
University of Sheffield
362 Mushroom Lane
S10 2TS
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 114 22 22448
Fax: +44 (0) 114 2222439

email : o.ozturk@sheffield.ac.uk


I am a linguist and a registered speech and language therapist and a member of the Health Care Professions Council and the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists. I joined the Department of Human Communication Sciences at the University of Sheffield in November 2018 after completing my first degree in psychology at Bogazici University, my master’s and doctoral studies at the Linguistics and Cognitive Science Department of University of Delaware with Prof Anna Papafragou, and my second master’s degree in speech and language pathology at Teachers College, Columbia University. Following my PhD, I held postdoctoral researcher positions at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in the Netherlands and at the University of Cambridge as part of the interdisciplinary MEITS Project. My current research interests include multilingualism and its relation to speech and language difficulties, first language acquisition, and language and cognition interface. Previously I held academic appointments at NYU, Rutgers University, CUNY, and Princeton University.

Research interests

  • Multilingualism and speech and language difficulties
  • Multilingualism and wellbeing
  • Language and cognition interface
  • Language acquisition

Selected publications

2018 Majid, A., Roberts, S. G., Cilissen, L., Emmorey, K., Nicodemus, B., O’grady, L., ...Ozturk, O, & Shayan, S. (2018). Differential coding of perception in the world’s languages. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115(45), 11369-11376.

2016 Ozturk, O. & Papafragou, A. The acquisition of evidentiality and source monitoring. Language Learning and Development, 12(2), 199-230.

2015 Ozturk, O. & Papafragou, A. The Acquisition of Epistemic Modality: From Semantic Meaning to Pragmatic Interpretation. Language Learning and Development, 11(3), 1-24.

2014 Shayan, S., Ozturk, O., Bowerman, M., & Majid, A. Spatial metaphor in language can promote the development of cross‐modal mappings in children. Developmental Science 17(4), 636-643.

2013 Ozturk, O., Shayan, S., Liszkowski, U., & Majid. A. Language is not necessary for Color Categories. Developmental Science, 16(1), 111-115.

2013 Ozturk, O., Krehm, M., & Vouloumanos. Sound symbolism in infancy? Evidence for sound-shape cross-modal correspondences in 4-month-olds. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 114(2), 173-86.

2011 Shayan, S., Ozturk, O., & Sicoli, M. A. The thickness of pitch: Crossmodal metaphors in Farsi, Turkish, and Zapotec. The Senses and Society, 6(1), 96-105.