The University has excellent facilities

Student Charlotte Smith.
Charlotte Smith
Charlotte Smith says that the University has everything she needs, from the resources in the Medical Library to the clinical equipment.
Student Charlotte Smith.

“The University has excellent facilities to aid in studies. The Information Commons and Medical School Library have excellent resources and are enjoyable places to work. The University has clinical equipment readily available to use and practice our skills.”

“I found the specialist nature of the course incredibly appealing”, she recalls, explaining why she chose to study orthoptics. “The fact that lectures are specific to both the subject and the career of an orthoptist means that the content is highly specialised, relevant and intriguing. The degree as a whole also has a lot of variety. Teaching is delivered via lectures, tutorials, practical clinical skills sessions and placements across the country.”

“In my second year, I took part in the University’s Global Engagement Programme. I wrote an application for funding for a trip abroad in order to put my degree in a global context. I successfully organised a week-long trip to Sweden to observe in the orthoptic departments a St. Erik Eye Hospital in Stockholm and the Västerås Central Hospital.”

“From this experience, I learned a great deal about the similarities and differences in orthoptic departments abroad. I also found it to be a beneficial opportunity to consider why certain protocols and practises around orthoptics are used. Since participating in this programme, I have started to evaluate the reasons behind my investigation and management of patients. The opportunity to travel and represent my course and university was incredibly enjoyable, as well as the chance to explore a different country.”

“I would advise anyone considering studying this degree to try and get work experience in an orthoptic department to best understand what the career and degree involves”, she says. “I would highly recommend this degree to any student keen for a career which involves actively diagnosing and treating patients both independently and part of a multidisciplinary team.”

In the future, Charlotte has ambitious plans. “I have already started to apply for my first job as a newly qualified orthoptist following my graduation. I am really looking forward to starting my career and being a working member in an orthoptic department. Following this I’m hoping to build upon my experience and play a role in manage or leadership possibly acting as a Head Orthoptist.”

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