HELSI Bites: Are older workers better at managing others' feelings?

Older woman sat in a cafe at work

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Wednesday 8 November 2023
Online Event
Events are free but require registration via the link below. HELSI Bites are 30 minute lunchtime talks (15-18 minute talk & 10 minutes for Q&A), prepared in an engaging & accessible "TED talk" style, suitable for our diverse, cross disciplinary academic audience. They highlight the wealth of expertise amongst our members, and showcase our holistic approach to tackling ageing and extending healthy lifespans.


Presented by Professor Karen Niven, from the Management School

People often hold negative stereotypes about older workers that explicitly or implicitly shape the opportunities afforded to older members of the workforce and how they are treated at work. While previous research seeking to enhance the experiences of older workers has focused on challenging these stereotypes, which are largely unfounded, in my research I take a different approach: focusing on the distinctive strengths of older workers. In this talk, I focus on ways in which older workers may be more effective than their younger counterparts when it comes to managing others' feelings, which is a key skill required in virtually all jobs that involve working with others (and especially 'frontline' occupations, like service and care work).

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