Drug screening

We support the identification and development of novel therapeutic interventions in the area of ageing research.

Pharmacist looks through medications


The overall aim of this work stream is to support the identification and development of novel therapeutic interventions in the area of ageing research. We work closely with partners to identify novel druggable targets, and help develop a strategy to successfully “drug”  targets of interest and develop relevant models of ageing for potential drug testing.

To achieve this we support: 

  • The development and validation of high throughput drug screening assays to identify novel agents in house or support the transfer of assays to third parties for screening.  
  • Access to chemistry/biological agents support and advice.
  • Access to a network of drug development experts and trusted partners for drug development.
  • Identification and support for funding calls and third party collaborations
  • Access to the wider HELSI network for the validation of therapies in appropriate preclinical age related models.
  • Access to wider HELSI network on the application of novel therapies in clinical healthy ageing setting.  

We encourage all members of HELSI and external partners with novel targets or therapies for the use in the area of healthy ageing to contact us.


We a developed a number of key capabilities to support of this objectives of the workstream:

  • Medium throughput drug screening
    • Robotic automation 
    • Numerous screening modalities 
    • Development of novel screening methods
  • Custom screening assay development
    • Based on individual target needs
    • Optimisation for high throughput capabilities
  • Established screens in-vitro and in-vivo for senescence
  • Access to small molecule and natural compound libraries
    • Custom in house libraries
    • Commercially sourced libraries
    • Support applications to access large chemical libraries 
  • Complex antigen expression for antibody generation
    • Speciality in protein-protein interactions
    • Cell surface receptors
    • Identified CRO partners for antibody generation
  • Small molecule chemistry support
    • Custom chemical synthesis
    • Advice on library design
  • Access to wide network of drug discovery experts

Staff and PhD students

Post doctoral research associates 

PhD students