Models of co-morbidities

atherosclerosis in brain


The aim of this workstream is to develop mixed models of diseases in mice that are common in old age for example heart disease plus dementia, arthritis plus heart disease or chronic infection plus heart disease.


This workstream has been able to induce heart disease (atherosclerosis) in old mice.


Induction of atherosclerosis in a variety of mouse strains, feeding altered diets, measurement of atherosclerosis using histological techniques, neurophysiology and brain imaging (under development).

Staff and PhD students

Principal Investigator Ilaria Bellantuono

PDRA Osman Shabir 

Principal Investigator Helen Marriott

Principal Investigator Lynne Prince

Research assistant Alexandra Rayson

Hub Technician Carl Wright

Key publications

Shabir O, Pendry B, Lee L, Eyre B, Sharp P, Rebollar M, Drew D, Howarth C, Heath P, Wharton S , Francis S et al (2022) Assessment of neurovascular coupling and cortical spreading depression in mixed mouse models of atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. eLife, 2022(11). View this article in WRRO

Shabir O, Moll TA, Matuszyk MM, Eyre B, Dake MD, Berwick J & Francis SE (2020) Preclinical models of disease and multimorbidity with focus upon cardiovascular disease and dementia. Mechanisms of Ageing and Development, 192, 111361-111361. 

Case Study

Talk by Dr Osman Shabir on the connection between heart disease and brain health