14 May 2009

It´s exam time which means- Hello! books and long nights and Goodbye! social life. Its times like these that make me wish I had made good use of all the free time I spent wasting and not studying!

Mostly I like studying in the IC and it´s very busy during exam time, so I take my own laptop and bring my own food, bananas that are full of serotonin to make me happy, all those neuroscience lectures put to practical every day use, haha! Also some Redbull is always essential for the extra energy to read yet another page, and maybe some chocolate. I always need chocolate,exam time or not, chocolate is good for you I don´t care what anyone else or the facts say.

The other day I was in the IC until about 2am, was I studying? But then my sugar high turned into a sugar low and all I wanted to do was sleep, I would have done just that on one of the couches in the IC if my friend hadn't dragged me all the way home, Sheffield is safe and I didn´t feel scared for walking back home at around 3am, especially with a friend.

Anyway, I better stop wasting time and continue on with my revision, sigh. I can´t wait for summer!

25 March 2009

I just got back from a long weekend in London, I had a lot of fun shopping all my money away and hanging out with friends. But now I am back in sunny Sheffield and I must make up for all the fun I had by doing a lot of work, to keep that delicate balance of work and play so I don´t get too lazy, laziness is evil, it drags you down, go a day without doing anything and it´ll be so hard to get back into what I like to call "work mode". And then before you know it, you´re behind.

I actually enjoy reading through my recommended reading, so, I go to my favorite place, it´s practically my second home haha the Information Commons, where all I have to do to get motivated is look around me at all the other hard working students and of course their cookies, freshly baked, yay!