FashionBrain: Understanding Europe’s Fashion Data Universe

A core business of Europe’s fashion industry is to acquire a deep understanding of customer needs and to predict upcoming trends. Search engines and social networks are often used as a bridge between the customer's potential purchase decision and the retailer. In order to reinforce Europe's position in the fashion industry and better exploit its distinctive characteristics e.g., multiple languages, fashion and cultural differences, it is pivotal to reduce its dependence on search engines. This goal can be achieved by harnessing various data channels that retailers can leverage in order to gain greater insights into potential buyers and industry trends as a whole. The goal of the FashionBrain project is to improve the fashion industry value chain through the creation of novel on-line shopping experiences, the detection of influencers, and the prediction of upcoming fashion trends. Tangible outcomes will include software, demonstrators, and novel algorithms for a data--driven fashion industry.

Funder: Horizon 2020

Project lead: Dr Gianluca Demartini

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