Frequently asked questions

Q: Are the courses just for full-time students?
A: No, many of our courses are open to anyone including members of the public and University staff.

Q: How much do the courses cost?
A: If you study a language as part of your degree, study abroad or work experience, the cost is included in your tuition fees.

If you are full-time undergraduate student who started their degree programme after September 2012 and have no unrestricted modular choice within your degree regulations then you may be able to take an additional 20 credits of language modules at no extra charge. The full eligibility criteria are available here.

In all other instances the majority of the courses within the LfA programme would cost:
• A 10 credit course would costs £240
• A 20 credit course would cost £420

The cost of some courses such as those offered by the Students' Union and Confucius Institute do vary and so please check their websites to confirm the costs.

Q: Can I study part-time?
A: Yes, many of our courses are offered part-time.

Q: Can I study in the evening?
A: Yes, many of our courses are offered in the evening.

Q: What are credits?
A: Most university courses are based on credits which you accumulate to gain a degree or another award.

Q: Can I use some of my undergraduate degree credits to study a language offered by another department?
A: Yes, many undergraduate students choose to take some credits outside of their course and study a language. You just need to check that your chosen language course fits in to your timetable.