21 Interest Groups

The CMI supports 21 interest groups (IGs) which bring together Sheffield researchers and professional services staff from across the disciplines, around an AI related theme.

Woman looked into a microscope

Disease diagnosis/treatment

Early and accurate detection, diagnosis and treatment of illness(es) 

Image of two people sitting on sofas in therapy setting

Mental health

Tackling mental health (e.g. depression, dementia, and cognitive) problems

Two medical staff looking at an xray of teeth

Medical images/omics

Collection, analysis, and interpretation of medical images and omics data

Image of inside of autonomous car

Sensing & auto operation

Data-driven design for sensing and autonomous operations

Computer coding over image of woman's face

Complex systems

Physics-guided/ compliant learning for complex systems

Image of molecules

Molecules and Materials 

Creating and using novel chemicals and materials

Person looking up at the night sky/universe

Universe's fundamentals

Detecting rare events for new insights into the Universe’s fundamentals

Image of a gloved hand holding ice

Climate environment & bio

Tackling climate/environmental change & understanding biology

Image of a bust street

Urban/population studies

Studying mobility, active lifestyles, urban environments, and population health

Hands painted with a heart

Data-driven arts/humanities/social sciences

Revolutionising data-driven research in the arts, humanities, and social sciences

Finger touching symbol of a lock

Misinformation, privacy, security

Identifying and tackling mis- and disinformation & enhancing privacy/security

Person holding up poster of innovative ideas

Innovation & entrepreneurship

Shaping the future of innovation and entrepreneurship and building trust

Image of library

AI ED: Pedagogy & policy for education

Advancing pedagogy and policy to develop education in DS & AI

Two people looking at laptops


Best practices for accessible, sustainable, and scalable systems

close up image of microchip/circuit

Explainability / energy-efficiency

Increasing AI transparency, explainability, interpretability, and energy-efficiency

Person looking at data on a laptop


Effective and efficient information visualisation to various audiences

Abstract image of data

Data integration  

Integration of data/knowledge & disentangling of hidden factors

Road sign with arrows pointing left and right

Uncertainty estimation

Accounting for uncertainties in models for physical and social processes

Image of robots in lab

HCI / robotics

Safe, smart, connected technology (e.g. robotics) and human-machine interaction

Abstract image with laptop

Automate data prep/access/use 

Automating/improving data preparation, access, understanding & exploitation

Abstract image of a human brain surrounded by data

Causality inference

Using and analysing data to confidently infer causal relationships