Preparing for Engineering Mathematics

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Laws of Indices
  • perform calculations using indices
  • state and use the laws of indices
  • use scientific notation
HELM 1.2 Indices MathCentre Indices Indices and Powers
Laws of Logarithms
  • invert b = a^n using logarithms
  • simplify expressions involving logarithms
  • change bases in logarithms
HELM 6.3 Logarithms MathCentre Logarithms Logarithms
Simultaneous Equations
  • solve pairs of simultaneous linear equations
HELM 3.4 Simultaneous Equations MathCentre Simultaneous Equations Simultaneous Equations
Factorising Linear Equations
  • factorise simple expressions (Sections 1-4)
HELM Simple Factorising Coventry MathsCentre Factorising Factorising Quadratic Equations
Factorising Quadratic Equations
  • factorise quadratic expressions (Sections 3-5)
HELM Quadratic Factorisation MathCentre Factorising Quadratic Equations
Algebraic Fractions
  • add, subtract, multiply and divide algebraic fractions
HELM Algebriac Fractions MathCentre Simplify Fractions Algebraic Fractions
Trigonometric Ratios
  • define trigonometric functions both in right-angled triangles
  • express angles in degrees and radians
  • calculate all the angles and sides in any right-angled triangle given certain information
  • define trigonometric functions generally
  • sketch the graphs of the three main trigonometric functions: sin, cos, tan
HELM Trig Ratios HELM Trig Functions Trigonometric Ratios
Sine & Cosine Rules
  • solve triangles using the cosine formulae
  • solve triangles using the sine formulae
  • find areas of triangles
MathCentre Sin & Cos Rules MathCentre Sin & Cos Rules Sine & Cosine Rules
  • explain what is meant by the tangent to a curve
  • explain what is meant by the gradient of a curve at a point (Sections 1-2)
HELM Differentiation MathCentre Differentiation Differentiation
  • evaluate simple integrals by reversing the process of differentiation
  • use a table of integrals
HELM Integration MathCentre Integration Integration
Differentiation - Product and Quotient Rules
  • differentiate products and quotients of the standard functions
  • differentiate a quotient using the product rule
HELM Product/ Quotient Rules MathCentre Product/ Quotient Rules Differentation - Product Rule
Differentation - Quotient Rule
Integration - Definite Integrals
  • find simple definite integrals
  • handle some integrals involving an infinite limit of integration
HELM Definite Integrals MathCentre Definite Integrals Integration - Definite Integrals
The Constant of Integrals
  • explain the need for a constant of integration when finding indefinite integrals
HELM Constant of Integrals    
Factor & Remainder Theorems
  • use the remainder and factor theorems to find factors of polynomials
HELMFactor/ Remainder Theorems   Remainder & Factor Theorems
Partial Fractions
  • distinguish between proper and improper fractions
  • express an algebraic fraction as the sum of its partial fractions
HELM Partial Fractions MathCentre Partial Fractions Integration using Partial Fractions
Integration by Substitution
  • make simple substitutions in order to find definite and indefinite integrals
  • understand the technique used for evaluating integrals of the form f'(x)/f(x)dx
  • use partial fractions to express an algebraic fraction in a simpler form and integrate it
HELM Int by Substitution MathCentre Int by Substitution Integration by Substitution
Integration by Parts
  • decide when it is appropriate to use the method known as integration by parts
  • apply the formula for integration by parts to definite and indefinite integrals
  • perform integration by parts repeatedly if appropriate
HELM Int by Parts MathCentre Int by Parts Integration by Parts

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