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  Video Written Resources Exercises


Addition and subtraction

VIdeo on addition

Video on subtraction

MASH Worksheet See Written Resource
Order of operations (BIDMAS/BODMAS) University of Leeds Video: BODMAS Booklet See Written Resource
Positive and negative numbers University of Leeds Video: Negative Numbers Booklet See Written Resource


Introductory ideas                                       

Fractions of amounts video

MASH Video: Fnding the original amount          

Video: Ordering fractions

Booklet See Written Resource
Adding and subtracting fractions

Video: Adding and subtracting fractions

Booklet See Written Resource
Multiplying and dividing fractions

Multiplying and dividing fractions

Bookolet See Written Resource
Simplifying fractions


Booklet See Written Resource
Converting fractions

Converting fractions to decimals

Converting fractions to percentages

  See Written Resource


Manipulating decimals Manipulating decimals Booklet See Written Resource

Rounding to decimal places and              

significant figures

Rounding decimals to the nearest tenth            

The rules of significant figures 

Worksheet See Written Resource



Percentage of an amount and                      

percentage change

Percentages of an amount

Percentage increase/decrease       

Reverse percentages Finding the original amount   Corbett maths exercises

Compound interest/repeated

proportional change

MASH Video: Repeated proportional change Worksheet   See Written Resource

Standard form

Converting in and out of standard form MASH Video: Writing numbers in standard form Worksheet Corbett maths exercises
Calculations in standard form MASH Video: Calculations in standard form   Corbett maths exercises



Video Written Resource Exercise

Collecting terms


Simplifying algebraic expressions without brackets

Video: Simplifying expressions without brackets   Corbett maths exercises

Forming expressions and equations

Forming expressions     Corbett maths exercises
Forming equations     Corbett maths exercises

Solving linear equations 

Unknown on one side Solving linear equations    Worksheet (PDF, XKB)  Corbett maths exercises
Unknown on both sides Solving linear equations Worksheet (PDF, XKB)  Corbett maths exercises

Substitution and Formuale

Substitution Substitution into a formula  Worksheet (PDF, XKB) Corbett maths exercises

Factorising and Expanding

Factorising simple expressions  Factorising simple expressions Worksheet Corbett maths exercises
Factorising quadratics Factorising quadratics Worksheet Corbett maths exercises
Expanding expressions involving brackets 

Expanding linear bracket terms

Expanding quadratic bracket terms


Corbett maths exercises: Expanding linear bracket terms

Corbett maths exercises: Expanding quadratic bracket terms


Solving inequalities Solving inequalities  Booklet Corbett maths exercises

Coordinate geometry

  Video Written Resource Exercise


Introduction to the coordinate plane                           

Introduction to the coordinate plane                        

Webpage: Cartesian coordinates

Corbett maths exercise

Plotting graphs with tables of values

Plotting straight lines Plotting straight lines Webpage: Using a table of values Corbett maths exercise
Plotting a curve Plotting a curve   Corbett maths exercise

Horizontal and vertical lines

Horizontal and vertical lines  Horizontal and vertical lines Webpage Corbett maths exercise

Equations of straight lines

Gradients   Booklet See Written Resource
y=mx+c   Booklet See Written Resource

Shape and measurement

  Video Written Resource Exercise

Unit conversions

Units and conversions   Online unit converter  
Units and prefixes Conversion of units    Booklet See Written Resource
Metric units

Converting metric volumes

Converting metric masses

Worksheet See Written Resource

Introducing Area

Rectangles   Area of Rectangles  
Triangles (properties and area)    Area of Triangles   
Parallelograms   Area of Parallelograms  
Trapeziums How to find the formula for the area of a trapezium Webpage: Area of a trapezium Corbett maths exercise
Compound shapes Area of compound shapes   Corbett maths exercise

Area and circumference of circles

Circle Vocabulary and circumferences   Webpage  
Area of circles  

Where the formula comes from

Calculating areas

See Written Resource

Sectors and segments

Sectors Area of a sector of a circle Circle sectors and segments Corbett maths exercise
Segments Area of a segment in a circle Circle sectors and segments Corbett maths exercise

Pythagoras' theorem

Pythagoras' theorem Pythagoras' theorem Booklet Corbett maths exercise


General recap   Online volume calculator and formulas  
Cubes and Cuboids

Volume of cubes and cuboids

  Corbett maths exercise

Volume of a prism

  Corbett maths exercise

Volume of a pyramid

  Corbett maths exercise

Volume of a cylinder

  Corbett maths exercise

Volume of a done

  Corbett maths exercise

Volume of a sphere

  Corbett maths exercise

Surface area

Surface area recap  Total surface area - the trick to getting it right Online calculator and formula  


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Two people sitting at a table looking at some work together

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