Next steps in statistics

These resources are designed to help understand some key concepts in statistics.

  Video Written Resource Exercises

Variance and standard deviation

Introduction to formulae Video Webpage  
Sample variance Sample variance video    
Why we divide by (n-1) Why we divide by (n-1)    

Confidence intervals

Calculating confidence intervals for the mean

Stat Book video

Stat Book webpage  

Relative risk and odds ratios

Relative risk   Boston University webpage  
Odds ratios

Odds ratio explained

Psych Scene Hub webpage  
Comparing relative risk and odds ratios   Guide to odds ratios  

Introduction to correlation

Introduction to correlation

Correlation - the basic idea

Pearson's correlation coefficient

JMP webpage

Different measures of correlation   Measures of correlation  

Simple linear regression

Introduction Stat Trek video   Exercises
Making predictions   Making predictions  

Hypothesis testing process

Principles of hypothesis testing   Booklet  

Type I and II errors: power, sample Size, effect size, etc

Power analysis

StatQuest video


Power-based calculations 
Sample size calculations  

Basic principles

An introduction to sample size

Type I and Type II errors Introduction Slideshare presentation  
Cohen d (effect size) Calculating Cohen d    


Transforming data   MASH booklet (PDF, XKB)  

Hypothesis tests 

Paired vs unpaired data Paired and independent samples    
T-tests (paired)

T-test in paired samples

JMP webpage 

Paired t-tests booklet (PDF, XKB)

T-tests (unpaired)

T-test in unpaired samples

Laerd Statistics webpage


Introduction to ANOVA

Understanding ANOVA

MASH booklet (PDF, XKB)  
ANOVA - post-hoc tests   MASH booklet (PDF, XKB)  
Chi-squared test  

Stat Book exercise

Chi-square test

Fisher's exact test   Fisher’s Exact test (Word, XKB)  
Mann-Whitney U test   Booklet  

Two people sitting at a table looking at some work together
Two people sitting at a table looking at some work together

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