Additional topics in statistics

Here you will find further topics in statistics that are not covered in the First Steps and Next Steps pages. If there are topics missing that you would like to see included, using the link at the bottom of the page.



For information on how to undertake a particular analysis using statistical software, see the relevant resource page. We are constantly working to improve and add to these resources. If you have any suggestions or feedback, let us know.

Excel resources

R resources

SPSS resources

  Video Written Resource


Introducting ANOVA Understanding ANOVA MASH booklet (PDF, XKB)
ANOVA - Post Hoc tests Video MASH booklet (PDF, XKB)
One Way ANOVA Introducing ANOVA Lecture Notes
Repeated Measures ANOVA Video Laerd Statistics Webpage
Two-way ANOVA

Without Repeated Measures

With Repeated Measures

Factorial (three-way) ANOVA Video Textbook chapter
Three-way repeated measures ANOVA Video Webpage
Three-way mixed ANOVA Video Lecture Notes
Mixed ANOVA Video Laerd Statistics Webpage
One-way MANOVA Resources coming soon Webpage
Two-way MANOVA Video Webpage
One-way MANCOVA Video Webpage
One-way ANCOVA Video Webpage
Two-way ANCOVA Video Webpage
Hotelling's T-squared Video Webpage

Bayesian Statistics



Video Stats Tutor Resource

Factor Analysis

Factor Analysis Video Webpage
Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) Video Webpage
Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Video Webpage

Hypothesis Tests

Mann-Whitney U test Video Booklet
Kruskall-Wallis test Resources coming soon  
Johnckheere-Terpstra test

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

Friedman test Video Webpage
McNemar's test Resources coming soon  
Cochran's Q test Video Webpage
Sign test Video Webpage
Test of two proportions Resources coming soon  
Testing for Normality Video Webpage
Wilcoxon sign rank test    

Measures of Association

Pearson's Correlation Resources coming soon  
Pearson's Partial Correlation Resources coming soon  
Spearman's Correlation Resources coming soon  
Kendall's tau Resources coming soon  
Goodman and Kruskal's Gamma Resources coming soon  
Somers' d Resources coming soon  
Mantel-Haenszel test of trend Resources coming soon  
Cochran-Armitage test of trend Resources coming soon  

Diagnostic tests

Diagnostic Tests Video Stats Tutor Resource


Multiple Regression Video  
Hierarchical multiple regression Video Written Resource
Logistic Regression Video Written Resource
Ordinal Regression Video Written Resource


Realiability   Guide (with animal behaviour as an example)
Cronbach's Alpha Video Written Resource
Cohen's Kappa Video Written Resource
Fleiss' Kappa Resources coming soon  
Weighted Kappa Resources coming soon  
Kendall's W Resources coming soon  

Survival Analysis

Introduction Resources coming soon Stats Tutor Resource
Kaplan Meier Resources coming soon  

Transforming Data

Transforming data Resources coming soon MASH booklet (PDF, XKB)
Two people sitting at a table looking at some work together
Two people sitting at a table looking at some work together

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