Meet the team

Jenny Freeman:

MASH manager & Statistics Advisor

Jenny Freeman: MASH manager

I started managing MASH in September 2017. For the four years before that I was an associate professor of medical statistics and health informatics as the University of Leeds and prior to that I was a senior lecturer in medical statistics at ScHARR.

I have always enjoyed teaching and have a keen interest in how students learn statistics. Managing MASH is a great opportunity for me to ensure that students at Sheffield have the support they need to get the most out of their studies here.

Hope Thackray:

Academic Skills Advisor (Mathematics)

Photo of Hope Thackray, Academic Skills Adviser in MASH

Though my role as a maths advisor began in January 2020, my MASH journey started in April 2016, when I joined the team as a PGR tutor.

Having started at the University as a maths undergraduate in 2011, and later undertaking an applied maths PhD, I experienced both sides of teaching, from student to tutor. In particular, I found the support-style teaching of 1-to-1 tutoring in the MASH centre to be especially gratifying, and hope that I can continue to help motivate students to work with maths more confidently!

Pete Hart:

Academic Skills Advisor (Statistics)

Image of Pete Hart, academic skills advisor in statistics

I joined the MASH team in April 2020. Previously I taught at High Storrs School and Sixth Form in Sheffield. This experience taught me a great deal about helping learners of all ages. Statistics is a fascinating subject but one which many people find confusing at first. With the right support, this confusion can be overcome. I aim to provide a friendly and patient assistance to anyone who might need it.

Marta Emmett:

Academic Skills Advisor (Statistics)


I have been a mathematics and statistics advisor in MASH since 2012. I provide statistical support to students on a 1:1 setting, helping students understand statistical techniques and how to best analyse their data.

I also deliver regular statistical workshops which are available to all students, including numerical reasoning workshops to help students improve their numerical ability when facing employers’ selection tests.