MAT6516: Materials for Energy Applications

Spring Semester
Optional on Programmes: MECT40, MECT50, MECT58

Professor Derek Sinclair

Materials are critical to the successful development of technologies to meet the environmental challenges we face. It is essential that we consider all aspects of the potential materials life cycle in developing new forms of energy generation and in reducing the environmental impact of transport. 

Prof. Derek Sinclair, Module Lead

Module Description

This module aims to develop students’ understanding of a range of materials both in energy generation and in reducing the energy impact of transport. 5 different topic areas are covered: thermoelectric materials; the hydrogen economy; magnetic materials for energy applications; steels in power generation and compared to aluminium for automotive applications; Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to emphasise the importance of considering total environmental impact when developing new materials for energy related applications. Each section is taught by a different specialist. “

Key Concepts & Assumed Knowledge

A familiarity with basic solid state physics and basic chemistry is assumed.

Teaching Methods

• Lectures

• Independent study

Assessment Methods

• Formal exam (66.7%)

• LCA related essay linked to one of the module topics (33.3%)

Module Aims

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

• Understand the importance of different materials for energy generation

• Understand the advantages and limitations of different materials for different applications

• Understand issues related to sustainability and Life Cycle Analysis

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