Scientific Advisory Board

The role of the MultiSim Scientific Advisory Board is to provide external advice on the vision and scientific direction of the programme.


The board is made up of key representatives from industry and academia, all senior scientists with strong reputations in the community with no formal connection to the MultiSim programme.

  • Professor Anthony Bull – Chair of the Board: Head of Bioengineering at the Imperial College London (view profile)
  • Professor Philip Maini – Director of the Centre of Mathematical Biology at the University of Oxford (view profile)
  • Professor Constantinos Soutis – Director of the Aerospace Research Institute at the University of Manchester (view profile)
  • James McClung –Business Development Manager, NVIDIA (view profile)
  • Professor David Farrar – Head of New Technologies at Xiros (view profile)
  • Dr Robert Copeland – Centre for Sport and Exercise Science at Sheffield Hallam University (view profile)
  • Professor Jon Nicholl – Dean of the School of Health and Related Research at the University of Sheffield (view profile)
  • Mr Mike Woodacre – Chief Engineering for UV Platform at SGI (view profile)
  • Professor Yiannis Ventikos – Head of Mechanical Engineering Department at the University College London (view profile)
  • Professor Wendy Tindale OBE – Scientific Director of the Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (view profile)
  • Professor Edward Draper – Innovations Manager at JRI-Ltd (view profile)
  • Professor Laoise McNamara – Professor of Biomedical Engineering, National University of Ireland Galway (view profile)
  • Professor Jose Manuel Garcia Aznar – University of Zaragoza (view profile)
  • Professor Ilse Jonker – Head of  Human Movement Biomechanics Research Group, University of Leuven (view profile)
  • Professor Alfons Hoekstra – Associate Professor at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (view profile)

MultiSim Project

Aiming to create a new generation of predictive models capable of handling complex multi-scale and multiphysics problems, characterised by uncertain and incomplete information.

A global reputation

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