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Principal Investigator

Director of MultiSim

Former Director (2013-2018)

Team members

You can find detail about the work packages (WP) on our Research pages.

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Name Work package Project role
Aleksandar Pavic WP1 - Environment Modelling Leader
Erica Montefiori (PDF, 488KB) WP2 - Body Model Researcher
Xinshan Li WP3 - Organ Model Leader
Zainab Ak Al Tai (PDF, 444KB) WP3 - Organ Model Researcher
Vee Cheong (PDF, 412KB) WP4 - Tissue Model Researcher
Tim Skerry WP5 - Cell Model Leader
Aban Shuaib (PDF, 416KB) WP5 - Cell Model Researcher, Data Curator WP5
Lingzhong Guo WP6 - Nonlinear complex systems Leader, Data Curator
Visakan Kadirkamanathan WP6 - Nonlinear complex systems Co-WP6 Leader
Yang Zhang (PDF, 372KB) WP6 - Nonlinear complex systems Researcher
Anastasia Kadochnikova (PDF, 332KB) WP6 - Nonlinear complex systems Researcher
Enrico Dall’Ara WP4 & WP7 - Animal Study Leader
Bryant Roberts (PDF, 552KB) WP7 - Animal Study Researcher and Data Curator
Sahand Zanjani Pour (PDF, 428KB) WP7 - Animal Study Proof of Concept Researcher WP7
Eugene McCloskey WP8 - Clinical Study Leader
Margaret Paggiosi WP8 - Clinical Study Research Leader and Data Curator
Pinaki Bhattacharya WP9- Hypermodelling Framework Leader
William Griffiths (PDF, 320KB) WP9 - Hypermodelling Framework Software Developer
Ben Hughes WP9 - Hypermodelling Framework Software/Hardware Support
Norman Powell WP10 - Project Management Office Project Manager

MultiSim Project

Aiming to create a new generation of predictive models capable of handling complex multi-scale and multiphysics problems, characterised by uncertain and incomplete information.