Urological disorders: models, microstructure, mechanics & bladder

Musculoskeletal disease: osteoporosis, modelling, muscles & bone strength

Cardiovascular disease: atherosclerosis, fundamental biology & optimised

Introduction: bio-modelling, the new frontier in healthcare 

A short series of films examining biological modelling in medicine from Insigneo.

Modelathon: the very best of theory and practice in the area of multi-scale modelling

Modelathon 2020 took place at The Diamond, Sheffield, on 13-16 January 2020. You can find out more on our Events page.

Can engineers help clinicians in their decision process to treat low-back pain?

Professor Lacroix, Director of MultiSim and Director of Research at Insigneo gives a presentation on examples of successful uses of computational models in spinal research from basic to traditional science.

SofTMech, a centre for multiscale soft tissue mechanics 

SofTMech is a Centre for multiscale soft tissue mechanics funded by EPSRC under its Mathematical Sciences in healthcare programme. The centre is led by the University of Glasgow in partnership with University of St Andrews, Heriot Watt University and The University of Sheffield.

SoftMech will accelerate the development of multiscale soft-tissue modelling by constructing a generic mathematical multiscale framework. This will be a truly innovative step, as it will provide a common language with which all relevant materials, interactions and evolutions can be portrayed, and it will be designed from a standardised viewpoint to integrate with the totality of the work of the in silico community as a whole. The framework will be validated in the two highest-mortality clinical areas of cardiac disease (myocardial infarction) and cancer.

The Sheffield PI for Softmech, Dr Paul Watton, heads the Theoretical Mechanobiology Group whose research activities closely align with those of SofTMech, i.e. ongoing projects include developing in silico models of arterial, heart and bladder disease. Additionally, SofTMech will integrate with the EPSRC MultiSim multiscale musculoskeletal simulation framework being developed by Insigneo (a SoftMech partner).

The centre’s launch event was held in Glasgow in April 2016 and Insigneo’s Executive Director, Professor Marco Viceconti, gave a talk on in silico Medicine.

Overview of our research in biomechanics and mechanobiology by Professor Lacroix 

Professor Damien Lacroix, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the MultiSim project, talks about his research into biomechanics and mechanobiology. His research through the MultiSim project focuses on understanding the effects of mechanical stimuli on cells and tissues within the body.

The vision of this project is to develop and research a modelling framework focusing on the human musculoskeletal system, in particular developing new technologies that are able to predict bone fractures in osteoporosis providing a more reliable diagnosis of the disease, better treatment and ultimately improving quality of life.


MultiSim Project

Aiming to create a new generation of predictive models capable of handling complex multi-scale and multiphysics problems, characterised by uncertain and incomplete information.

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