Learning Support Plans (LSPs)

A Learning Support Plan (LSP) is the document we share with your academic department(s) to confirm that you are a disabled student and are entitled to support to ensure that you are not disadvantaged during your studies.


This page is for applicants and new students. If you are a registered student, see our guidance for current students:

Learning Support Plans- guidance for current students


We often produce LSPs for students before they begin their studies at the University. Having your LSP finalised before you begin your course means that we can automatically share it with staff who will teach you as soon as you complete your University registration.

Having an LSP means that University staff working with you on your course will have access to the information they need to support you.

You can arrange an appointment to discuss your support at any stage during your studies but we would encourage you to do so before you start your course if possible. By having this discussion early on (and before our service becomes very busy during Semester one), we can ensure that the support you require is in place for you from the start of your course - or very soon after!

The LSP is produced by your Disability Adviser with your input, after we have written consent from you to share information about your support requirements. The LSP will not be shared with the department(s) you will be studying in until you have approved it in draft form. Your LSP will be in place for the duration of your course, but we can review its contents with you (or completely remove the LSP from the system so it is no longer viewable by any staff) at any time during your studies too.

How we share LSPs with staff that will be working with you

We upload LSPs to the University's Learning Support Plan and Exam Support Adjustment (LSPs & ESAs) System. This system automatically and securely shares your LSP with staff that you are likely to be working with, or who can help to support you in the department.

While you are an applicant:

Your LSP will be automatically shared with the Disability Liaison Officer(s) (DLO) in the department(s) you will be studying in.

Your Disability Liaison Officers (DLOs) may be in contact with you to confirm they have received your LSP or to ask if you would like your LSP shared with any other members of staff before the start of your course.

If you wish to contact your DLO to find more information about the support from your department or to discuss your LSP with them, you can find the contact details for DLOs here:

Disability Liaison Officers

When you register and become a student:

When you register you will automatically be given access to the Learning Support Plans & Exam Support Adjustments system. You will receive an email from the system to notify you that you are able to access it, which you can do so through the University’s website.

At this point, the system will share your LSP with the following staff:

  • Staff that are teaching on (or supporting the delivery of) the modules/course you are taking in the current academic year
  • The Disability Liaison Officers (DLOs) in the departments you are studying in during the current academic year
  • Your academic tutor/supervisor

Staff access to your LSP will automatically alter as you progress through your course and change modules/tutors/departments.  You will always be able to see on the system which teaching staff have access to your LSP.

Reviewing/updating your LSP

You can request that we review and update what your LSP says at any point during your course.

To discuss making changes to your LSP, please email your DDSS adviser or our admin team (disability.info@sheffield.ac.uk)