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Frequently Asked Questions abaout the registration process for new students


You can find information on how to set up access on our MUSE for Offer Holders page.

MUSE for Offer Holders

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I am worried about registration and have lost my offer letter/email what should I do?

Contact Admissions at or phone +44 114 222 8030

I am a full-time student and I have not received an email telling me what to do before starting at the University, what do I do?

Firstly, check your trash/junk folder to see if the email has been delivered there. Then add to your contact list so you can receive emails from us in the future.

If you are still unable to find an email from us, please call our pre-registration helpline +44 114 222 21288 or email

I have entered an incorrect email address into the preferred email address section. What do I do?

Email In the email include your full name, applicant number and/or UCAS ID, the incorrect email address and the one you would like it changing to. We can update this on the system for you.

I am an International student, how do I apply for a CAS number?

Once you have accepted your offer of a place at The University, a CAS task will appear within your pre-registration list of tasks. This will happen no earlier than 3 months in advance of your start date.

If you have any questions about your CAS application, contact the Compliance Team in Admissions on, quoting your full name and applicant number.

I have a query regarding my qualifications which are not correct (or for English Language requirements as well as more general queries), who should I contact?

You will need to notify the Admissions Service of any errors by contacting Quote your full name and applicant number when you contact them.

I am an Erasmus student; do I need to provide any English Language Qualifications?

You can find information on language requirements for incoming Erasmus students on the following page:

Entry requirements

Is there anything I need to do before I arrive in Sheffield?

Yes, you need to complete your pre-registration tasks. Check the information on the following page:

Preparing for registration

I am a student at University of Sheffield International College/ English Language Teaching Centre, do I still need to take this action?

Yes, you will still need to complete your pre-registration tasks for your new course at The University of Sheffield.

I am a member of staff at the University of Sheffield; do I still need to take these actions?

Yes, you will need to complete pre-registration as this will create a student record for you, and allow you to create your student account.

I have previously been a student at the University of Sheffield, do I still need to take these actions?

Yes, you will need to complete pre-registration even if we already have the information for your previous course.

Do I need to complete all the tasks in the pre-registration application?

No. You should only complete the tasks that are relevant to you. For example, if you are paying your fees yourself, do not complete the Upload a Sponsor Letter Task.

I have been getting an error message when trying to complete one of the tasks. What should I do?

If you experience any error messages during the pre-registration process these will need to be reported to us.

Send a screen print of the error and your applicant number/UCAS number or registration number to the pre-registration team at, we can then look into resolving this for you.

I can’t see the ‘upload a Ucard photo task’ or the ‘activate your student computer account,’ is there something wrong with my account?

No. It is likely that these tasks have not yet been allocated to you. Do not worry; they will be allocated to you before your course start date. If you still can’t see these tasks three weeks before your start date, contact the pre-registration team at

I am unsure whether I have registered for voting in Sheffield.

Contact Sheffield City Council for enquiries regarding the electoral register. They can be contacted by email at or by phone at +44 114 273 4092

I wish to withdraw or defer my offer.

Contact regarding this information.

My name is incorrect. How do I change this?

Bring a form of ID to your Registration Event and a member of staff will be able to change your name for you.

Usernames and passwords

I have been sent a username to access my pre-registration account, but I do not have a password. What is my password?

The username that you have been supplied with is the one that you will use throughout your time at university. You will not have been provided a password, but will create one when you activate your applicant account.

I do not have an applicant number.

You will have been provided with an applicant number if you have corresponded with the University as a direct applicant. You might not have received an applicant number if you have applied through UCAS.

I do not have a UCAS ID.

If you have applied directly through the University then you will not have a UCAS ID as you will not have applied through the UCAS system.

I already have a username from my previous course at the University of Sheffield, can I use this to access pre-registration?

If you have been provided with your previous username then access pre-registration through this way. However, if you have been supplied a new username, use this to access pre-registration.

I already have a username from my USIC course, can I use this to access pre-registration?

No. You must use the new username that has been provided for you.

I have a username as a member of staff at the University of Sheffield, can I use this to access pre-registration?

No. You must use the new username that has been provided for you.


Where can I find information about paying my fees (for example: how to pay by cheque, how to pay in Euros, or information about instalment plans)?

See the information on the following link to our tuition fees page. If you cannot find the answer to your question there, enquire by email at

Tuition fees

I am a Student Finance England/Wales/EU funded student and have ticked the wrong box on the Financial Declaration by mistake. What should I do?

Don’t worry, we can amend the record to indicate your correct payment method when you come to registration. If you are having a Student Finance tuition fee loan but have ticked self-funded by mistake, you don’t need to do anything, but bring your ‘University or College Payment and Advice’ document with you to your registration event.

I have applied through Clearing/Adjustment and have the wrong University on my loan application. How do I change this?

If you have applied online to SFE, log onto your SFE account, go to ‘Change Your Application’ and change University/Course details. If you’re not able to do this, contact SFE directly and ask them to change your application.

If SFE have advised that you need to tell the University to do something to change the university on your loan application, email with the subject ‘Transfer In Task’ and ensure that you include your applicant number (from the university) and your Student Support Number (from SFE). The student support number is a 13-digit number with four letters at the beginning, eg SFDU12345678X.

My Student Loan has not been confirmed. What should I do?

For now, request Temporary Registration. This allows you a further six weeks (for undergraduate students) in which to get your student finance confirmed (you can still attend lectures, use library services etc.).

You must ensure that you keep in contact with Student Finance and provide all information they request. You must also respond to any emails from the University requesting an update on your finance application.

Remember that tuition fee funding is your responsibility and you will be liable to pay the tuition fee from your own funds if you do not get the tuition fee loan.

I am a postgraduate taught student with a Postgraduate Loan from Student Finance. I can’t pay using the standard two or four instalments because my loan will be paid to me in three installments. Can I pay the fee in three instalments?

Any student using a SLC Postgraduate Loan to contribute to their tuition fee will be able to pay in three instalments.

If the University has received confirmation from SLC that your Postgraduate Loan has been approved then the option to pay in three instalments should be available when you go to pay online via pre-registration or online registration.

If your loan is confirmed but the option is not available, please contact and include your registration number.

I already have a degree from Sheffield. How do I get the alumni discount?

For home students, when you complete the Financial Declaration in pre-registration you will be asked if you have studied at Sheffield before. Select ‘Yes’ and enter your previous registration number. The discount will then automatically be deducted from your fee.

For International students, see the information regarding ‘Overseas fee paying students’ on the following link:

Alumni Rewards

I am trying to pay through pre-registration but cannot see the fee payment screen.

Email and include your applicant number or UCAS ID.

How do I pay by bank transfer? Can I have the university’s bank details?

Bank transfer payments must be arranged online via Western Union through pre-registration by selecting bank transfer and clicking the ‘WU Pay Now’ button. This payment option is only available for students who wish to pay in full.

I have been assessed as an Overseas student (fee status) but I disagree.

Fee status is assessed by Admissions, if you have any questions you can ask through AskUS.


I believe my fees are incorrect - the amount it is showing I have to pay is not what I think I should be paying.

Contact and include your applicant number or UCAS ID.

My payment is not working, I am unable to pay my tuition fees or a deposit.

Contact the income office (email regarding the error when you are trying to pay. Please include any helpful screenshots of the error and your applicant number or UCAS ID in your email.

I have clicked that I do not need to upload a sponsor letter by mistake, but I need to upload one. What should I do?

Email with your applicant number or UCAS ID, attach a copy of your sponsor letter, and outline what has happened.

Uploading documents

I have uploaded the wrong document, what do I do?

Email detailing your full name, applicant number and/or UCAS ID and details of which document has been uploaded incorrectly. The pre-registration team will then be able to look into this for you.


How do I obtain my UCard?

You should upload your photo during the pre-registration process; this will enable us to produce your UCard, ready for you to collect at your scheduled time.

I am a Distance Learning or In Practice Student, how can I obtain my UCard?

In order to obtain a UCard, you need to have completed your registration. Please contact your academic department to arrange how to obtain your Ucard.

You should have received a library number which will enable access to online e-resources once you have registered. If you have not received your library number and have registered, please go to and select option 6.

If you would still like to have a UCard then you can visit SSiD during any visit/study day in Sheffield. If you will not be coming to Sheffield then please speak with your Academic Department for further advice.

The photo I have uploaded for my UCard has been refused, why has this happened?

Your UCard photo should meet the following criteria:

  • Photos should show head and shoulders, with no other people in the frame
  • There should be a clear contrast between person and background (not too dark or too light)
  • You must be facing the camera and your face must be clearly visible
  • You need to upload your photo in one of the following formats: .jpg, .jpeg, or .png.

University Health Service (UHS)

What is the University Health Service (UHS)?

The University Health Service is an NHS GP (Doctor) Practice, primarily focused on Student Health.

Why should I register with the University Health Service (UHS)?

  1. We believe that the UHS offers the best medical support service for students.
  2. Other centres or practices may charge for services which are free at the UHS.
  3. The University Health Centre offers an integrated support service for students of the University of Sheffield.

How do I complete registration with UHS?

Follow the link included in your pre-registration checklist to complete your online UHS registration.

When specifying the date you wish to register at UHS from, if you do not currently live in Sheffield, please enter the date you expect to arrive in Sheffield.

What are the steps required to complete medical pre-registration with the UHS?

Select the medical registration link in your pre-registration application and complete the health questionnaire. Once this is completed, you don’t need to do anything else - you will be registered with UHS from the date you specify in the form.

Do I need to provide an email address?

Yes. Providing an email address will allow UHS to contact you should any further information about your registration be required.

Who should I contact if I am trying to complete the medical questionnaire but the link doesn’t work?

Try a different browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. If you still experience problems then email

How do I know if my medical questionnaire has been submitted correctly?

You will receive an email confirming that your medical questionnaire has been submitted.

I have completed my Undergraduate degree and I am registering for a Masters/PhD. Do I need to complete the medical questionnaire?

No. On arrival, just contact the Health Service to continue your registration.

I am commuting to the University. Do I have to fill in the questionnaire?

You need to complete the registration form if you live in Sheffield, or are planning to live in Sheffield, and wish to register with the University Health Service. We strongly recommend that you register with UHS if you are planning to live in Sheffield.

If you are planning to commute from outside of Sheffield, there is no need to complete the UHS registration form.

Other queries

Who can I contact if I have a general enquiry about my time in Sheffield (for example, questions about opening a bank account)?

All general enquiries about your time in Sheffield can be directed to the Student Services Information Desk (SSiD) at

I have not received any confirmation of where my accommodation is.

For any queries regarding accommodation, email

How do I find out my timetable for my modules?

You will receive your timetable when all your modules have been confirmed and you are fully registered.

For any queries regarding modules (what you can take, times, and other such questions) please contact your academic department.

I am unsure what visa to apply for.

Contact International Student Support Services:

International Student Support Team

I am having issues applying for my visa.

Contact International Student Support Services:

International Student Support Team

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