Discovering Law Conference

Y12 Discovering Law Conference - Tuesday 11 June 2019

Experience a day of Discovery with the School of Law

What is Law?

Law is the body of rules and regulations that is used to govern a society and to control the behaviour of its members. In our everyday life it affects almost everything we do, whether buying a ticket, downloading something from the internet or talking on our mobile phones. The law protects our rights from abuse and punishes those who commit crime. A career in law can be very lucrative. It can be rewarding in other ways too, giving you the chance to help people and contribute to a fair society.

How the Conference will help you

Competition for places to study law at university is fierce and law attracts many of the best and brightest students.
Sheffield Law School at the University of Sheffield is one of the top law schools in the country, with a high reputation for both teaching and research.
If you meet the criteria to attend, you will get to see if law interests you, what it´s like to study law at university, and learn about some new and interesting subjects.

The day will include:

  • Researching law at university
  • Workshops
  • Debates
  • Q&A with Solicitors, Barristers and a Paralegal
  • Working with current law undergraduates
  • Meeting with law lecturers and professors
  • Careers information and guidance

Apply for a place

Application forms can be downloaded from the box on the right hand side of the page. A teacher will need to countersign it for you.

Venue information

The University of Sheffield
Richard Roberts Building
Brook Hill
S3 7HF

Further information

For Further information or to ask a question please call the Discover Law team on 0114 222 5336 or email